Friday, October 29, 2010

Rotissoire bargain

My latest find at our local DI, was this brand new rotissoire pan. It has silverstone inside which will make the clean ups nice when I cook with it. I will probably still use alumium foil just to make it that much easier getting all the drippings cleaned up. It had an original price tag of 29.99 at ZCMI on sale. It was still in its original box unopened. I bought it for $5.00.

Every day with Landon

As I posted earlier that Landon does something that just amazes me that he learned or done something. In the last couple of months I have captured some of those moments. He brightens my day when he is here with me. I love him so much and is such a blessing to our family. He is now 18 1/2 months old and it seems at times he is 2 yrs. He is such a fast learner and says and does things that you didn't even know he knew.

So one day last month I was doing the dishes and he came up beside me carrying the weigh scale that I keep behind the door to weigh myself (since I have been trying to lose weight....gotta get back in the groove of it soon)......anyways I move and he puts the scale down right where I usually weigh myself and steps on.... he weighed 21.6 pds by the way

So a few weeks later I was doing dishes again (humm is there a pattern here?) and I thought to myself...humm I haven't heard Landon for a bit so I decided I better go and see what he was up to, which you never know with him have to keep close tabs on him or he'll leave a path of distruction through out the house. He isn't one to sit and play with toys, he likes to pull out drawers, pull things out and put them in another drawer. He loves opening and closing things like he is seeing how they work....well anyways back to the story...I went in every room and couldnt find him when I was coming down the hall and looked in the bathroom and the door was open and a foot hanging out....he had crawled inside of the bathroom vanity and was opening and closing the door....later he took the towels and washclothes out and used it as a play hut for a couple of hours. So I called his mommy and told her what his latest discovery was, she said"how did he get in there?" I told her that he crawls in and then sits down.
(don't mind my old vanity, hopefully it'll be replaced in the spring)

So last week I was about to do some decorating above my cabinets and left the stool out and went to the bathroom....when I came back out this is what I found. He had climbed up and was smiling ear to ear, even with aunt Shauna in the front room. I told Shauna to come in and see what Landon had done, her jaw dropped to the floor since she is extra protective of what he does wise. She'll have her children wrapped in bubble wrap and wearing a safety helmet..(.just kidding Shauna)
So I hurried and got my camera off the counter and took a shot, got a good one huh!
(Sorry I couldnt figure out how to turn the picture)

So Kimberly dropped Landon off one morning and she had been gone around 20 minutes when Landon started laughing so hard, him and Kylie was playing on the kitchen floor, I started laughing at them when I realized that I should get my camera and record it so I hurried and went downstairs and got my camera off the computer dock and the time I went back up stairs they were pretty well finished playing.
Landon had his pajamas on and Kylie started pulling on one of the feet and dragging Landon around the kitchen floor (hum new way of cleaning the kitchen floor) in circles, Landon was laughing so hard like I was tickling him. I wished I had caught more of it on camera.

Landon and Kylie are bestest buds!!
They usually have their play sessions in the mornings, this was yesterday morning when Landon decided to get up on the bed and roll on top of Kylie.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Painting the deck stairs

It seems like it has taken me a long time to paint our deck this summer. I always have interruptions or have errands to do before I can drag all the paint supplies out and start painting.

Today I did get our steps painted.

In June I got an idea that I would redo our deck. So me and my hubby pulled all the carpet off the floor and steps. We put down OSB on top of the 2x6's because we want to enclose the space under the deck in the future and we want to make it waterproof the best we can. I primed the OSB and we're going to lay down ice shield on the whole thing. (Ice shield is a rubber membrane that it unbelievable sticky on the bottom side and waterproof on top. They use it when roofing houses along the edges where ice tends to build up and it waterproof it better than roof felt) I did get all the rails painted on the railing and then I started on the stairs.

I use Porch N Floor paint, or oil based paint. I bought it at Lowe's because they had an additive to add to the paint for the stairs.

In previous years I primed all the wood and then used latex paint. Every year it would peel in areas and then I would have to repaint. So 10 yrs ago when we redone our deck, I used oil base paint. I hate to work with it but it has lasted 10 yrs before I had to paint again this year.

The stairs I added an additive to 1/4 gallon of paint. It said to add it to a gallon of paint. First of all I only had 7 stairs to paint and didn't want to waste the extra paint, plus I wanted it extra coarse to make it extra non-slippery. It is like a sand consistancy for traction so they won't become slippery. So far I think it will work, I will let you know at the end of the winter.

Finished look

Stairs half painted, starting to look so nice


Painting supplies
Good pair of gloves (less clean up with paint thinner) your hands will thank you
Small paint tray, paint brush and foam roller

Finished look
Can I say how much I love the clean white look
As you can see I got the edge of the deck painted on the left but didn't get to the right side. I guess I'll continue on next spring, hopefully it won't take me as long next time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This weeks deals

This week I done alot of couponing and cashed in a couple free coupons to get all this for $9.14
The Cottenelle was free (coupon for referring a friend offer)
The Advil was free (just signed up for free offer)
4 Crest was free (1.00 coupons in circulars)
4 Crest was .50 cents each (.50 cents coupons)
Cat Treats were .52 cents (1.00 coupons)
White Cloud was 1.00 (1.00 coupon)
Betty Crocker Brownies .18 cents each (on sale at Maceys for .68 cents and used 2/1.00 coupons)
Yakisoba was .8 cents each (.58 cents at Walmart then used .50 cent coupons out of circular)
$38.14 was the total value, subtract $9.14 total cost = Savings of $29.00
The Brownies I am going to use for neighbor/friend gifts for Christmas, so that will be great....and maybe a few might be eaten for night treats which Jillian Michaels would be cusing at me for:(

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girls Day at Gardner Village

It was a special day that all us girls (and Landon) in the family got together and decided to go and have a great day at Gardner Village.
There was Kimberly, Shauna, me and Landon; my two sisters Vicki and Susan and my niece Whitney.
It was really crowded as every one else in the valley decided to visit also, but we seem to go with the flow and had a great time.


Me, Susan and Vicki




Is it me or do they look like each other?

Landon having a great time
You would have never guessed that he was cutting his molers and wasn't feeling good.


It seemed so nice to get together and have a day
to just let our witches hats off and celebrate the
fall season and see all the halloween decorations
and visit the boutiques and take some pictures.
The weather was really warm and nice, it didn't
even seem like the middle of October. I had lots
of fun and we just might have to make it an annual
event for all of us to get together and get in the
Halloween spirit!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Savings this week

For the week of Oct 6-12th


Kraft Easy Mac/Velveeta shells 49 cents/10 purchase
Quaker Rice Cakes 49/10 (coupon ?)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 99 cents/10 (use the Kraft $5.00 coupon for 5 and they end up FREE)

Pregresso Soup 10/10.00
DiGiorno/California Pizze 3.99/10 (use 1.00 coupon in circular ends up 2.99)

Kraft Salad Dressing 1.49/10 (use 50 cent coupon = 1.00 each)
Kraft Barbecue Sauce 49/10
Dial Soap/Body Wash 2.99 (use 35 cent coupon = 2.64) Green Giant Steamers 1.49 (use 40 cent coupon = 1.09)
Texas Toast 1.99 (coupon ?)
Nestle Ready to Bake cookies (use 1.00 coupon = 1.00)
Jello Pudding/Gelatin 1.79 (use 60 cent coupon - 1.19)
Butterfinger candy 1.99 (use 50 cent coupon 1.50)
Boneless Skinless chicken breasts/thighs 1.99 lb
Pork Country Style Ribs 1.79
Pork Shoulder Roast 1.49
Pork Sirloin Chops 1.79
Rice Krispie Treats 1.48 (coupon ?)
Pop Tarts 1.48 (coupon?)
Kraft Miracle Whip/Mayo 2.49 (coupon ?)
Oreo Cookies 1.99 B1G1 (99)
Fuze 49 cents
Chips Ahoy 1.49 (coupon?)
Ritz crackers 1.99 x 2 = 3.98 - 1.00/2 =2.98 for 2
Kandoo wipes 1.79 (1.00 coupon) 79 cents


M&M Candy Bars Limit 3 1.99 (use coupon)

Rancho Markets

10 lb bag potatoes 89 cents
60 count large eggs 3.99


Yellow onions 25 lb bag 3.99
Dole Garden Salad .99
Skinless Chicken Breast 1.89 lb
Top Ramen 6/1.00

Fresh Market

Baby Carrots 1lb .79
Ground Turkey Chub lb $1
Large eggs 89 cents

(coupon ?) = I know there is a coupon but I can't remember the amount,
if I come across them I'll post it (just don't remember while posting this right now)

These are some other coupons I have used:
Nalley's slicers - coupon 1.50 ( at walmart for 1.78) = 28 cents
Reach dental floss - -1.00 coupon (at walmart 97 cents) = 3 cents profit