Monday, July 20, 2009


July 20, 2009

We just got back from Island Park today and had a great time up there. We went boating on Island Park Resevoir, which I totally love to do!!! I forgot how awesome it is to be out on the water soaking in the sun with music in the background. It doesn't seem like 9 years since we had the boat out but I'm loving it now!

Landon is having alot of first's this last week....First Camping Trip, First Boat Ride, First Yellowstone visit. He done really well through the whole thing, just keeping mommy up alot ....every 2 hrs mostly.

For my birthday we took the boat out for a few hours and came and fixed some Chili Verde, if I say so myself it was the best I've ever made. Yes I did cook on my birthday, which I didn't mind at all.

We went into Yellowstone Park on Sunday and showed Jon some sights, he had never been there. This wasone of the free weekends that you get to go into the park for free, hooray!!! We went and visited Old Faithful Lodge and the geyser first, then we went to West Thumb and went to the marina and showed him Yellowstone Lake which was big and beautiful as ever. We got to see some big trout swimming around the marina docks, it just makes you want to get the boat and head out and catch some to take home. Some time we'll have to do that. We've caught some big ones in the past but its a long drive to take the boat from Island Park into Park. The lake is 71 miles from our place plus all the traffic you have along the way but its sure a thrill when you catch some good ones.

I have to admit that it was hard leaving and coming back home to reality but then there is the positives also. Shower with running hot water that you don't have to turn off and get cold in between...(not to bad), big tv screen with HD..., internet.. you don't realize how much you kinda depend on it until you go to use it to look something up, or just go browsing for alittle relaxation...the first few days you miss it mostly then as time goes on you going boating:)