Monday, September 19, 2011

Landon at the State Fair

So on Thursday me and Kimberly took Landon to the

Utah State Fair. The day was really nice, not windy,

not hot...just right..with lots of sunshine., couldn't have

asked for a better day.

So we started off by taking him to see all the animals.

First was the sheep, they were bathing and clipping them.

I started taking pictures of him watching them, of course he

wanted to take some of them himself. He is going through the

Mr. Independent stage right now, its been going on for a few

weeks but now its pretty well everything. Kimberly had an old

camera that he uses now (he has a play one that takes pictures

but its not cool like ours I guess).

We went on to see the cows, goats, then we seen the ponies.

He really liked them but wasn't sure of them until Kimberly took

him out of the stroller and put him on "Joe" He wasn't sure of it

but then seemed to started to like riding him which was a great

surprise considering he didn't like the Merry Go Round at the

company party earlier this summer.

Everytime I went to take the picture he would start
playing peek a boo, so I'm lucky to get this fuzzy picture..

We were almost finished with the fair when we seen
these seals that we're hanging out on the deck soaking
up the sun. They had a performance an hour earlier
(which we didn't know about). Landon loved watching
them swim around in the big pool beside the stage for
them to cool off.

It has been several years since I've been to the State Fair.
It seems we are always out of town that weekend or have
something going.

I really enjoyed observing the arts and
crafts. Quilts that look amazing that they would've taken
years to make or wood carvings that make your jaw drop.
There was a full canoe made of wood that I would never put
it in water that it was so gorgeous and beautiful.
I loved gazing at all the pictures that you could look at for
hours and never be without awh.... or make Kimberly
become teary with emotion when gazing upon a picture of
Santa Claus with a reindeer picking through a window.
(which she ended up purchasing).

I so enjoyed the "Old State Fair" thank heavens some old
traditions are still available for the young children to grow up
enjoying as we did when we were young.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day

It is so hard to believe that the summer is almost

over. They whole family was able to spend the

last summer holiday at our place in Island Park.

Kimberly, Landon and Jon came up to take their trailer

home for the winter. Shauna was also able to join us also.

It just seems like we just took our

trailers up for the summer....which I guess in a way it was.

There was lots of that cold wet white stuff in piles on our

lot June 14th, so we ending up

taking the trailer up the end of June and spending the week

up there through the 4th of July.....with all those Idaho state

birds also aka...Idaho BIG misquito's!! They were especially

bad this year due to all the rain and snow they got up there this

winter and spring.

So we all took an atv ride down to Mesa Falls Saturday morning,

the trail Scott discovered a few weeks ago.

We were excited to show them

the trail with the beautiful scenery along the way.

So we pulled up along side the road to take a

water break for a bit. While talking and snacking on

Pistachio's, we noticed alot of horse flies and yellow jackets

flying around. It was a bit before we all decided to leave

when we noticed the wasp nest up in the tree. It was a big

one. The unusual thing was the horse flies were all flying

around and going in it also. It was like they were sharing the

nest. I know that paper wasp nests are for hornets but there

were none around, so they must have abandoned it at one time

and the yellow jackets moved in and sharing it with the horse flies.

Big paper wasp nest in the tree

The tree with the wasp nest in it.
It was also neat to see that the quakie tree
growing along side the pine tree, they interwine
all the way up to the top. It is one of those
unique things you find that mother nature has
provided us to enjoy.

Shauna and Kylie on the Mesa Falls trail.

Shauna and Landon at Mesa Falls

Jon, Landon and Kimberly at Warm Springs.

Another generation enjoying Island Park!!

Kylie cooling off in the water at Warm Springs

Landon playing in the water fountain....

posing like

"I wasn't doing anything"...

Other vacationers enjoying fishing off of

Buffalo bridge.

(In the background you can see Scott

letting Kylie cool off in the water)

A Bald Eagle nesting

I totally enjoying spending time with my family

but it is especially special when we're all at our place together,

we have made special with all the memories from the

past, present and all the new ones in the future.

We hope our children and grandchildren will keep building

this legacy of experiences and memories for future generations

to come.

Listening to the birds singing in the morning,

while having breakfast under the green pines,

while the squirrels climb the trees to gather their

winter harvest in the golden daylight,

wildflowers so colorful like an artist palet,

the sandhill cranes squaking as they fly over head,

while the mother moose with her calf walking down the

trail out front heading towards the slow moving crystal

clear river with the trophy fish swimming away from

the bald eagle in the bluest blue skies.

These are a few things we take in while enjoying

God's country that we are blessed to have the

opportunity to enjoy.