Thursday, April 29, 2010

One step foward, two steps back.

I am going to tell you the latest of my trials and tribulations. I am sure your getting sick of hearing about THEE kitchen but it has been the center of my universe for awhile, I eat, sleep and work around the kitchen. So a few days ago I was painting the walls in the kitchen which was going well until I had to paint above the cabinets above the stove etc. I done good on one corner but the cabinet above the stove/hood and the right side where the sink is going to be (no countertop yet...tomorrow they say....YEAH!! back to the subject) was really hard to reach and get behind them. So I was on the corner of the stove top painting when I heard CRACK!!, so immediately I knew what had happened, my stepping on the edge bowed the smooth top and it bowed and cracked across the whole top. My heart immediately sank, knowing that I had to call my hubbie and tell him what I had done. (He was at work) Well the loving hubbie I am married to was a bit upset but said oh well I guess we'll figured it out. Well my mind started wondering if we could replace the top of the stove since the rest of it is in good shape. So I called a repair shop in Salt Lake and she said we could replace it but it is the mean time Scott was looking on the internet to see if we could replace it also. So when he called to tell me about it , I told him I just got off the phone with Maytag and found out also that we could replace it. I guess when you grow old great minds think alike. I was kinda dreading when he got home that he would be upset still but he was fine and acted like nothing was wrong. I love him so!!
So we ordered a new top and it will be here next week sometime.

Shauna watched Landon yesterday, so that gave me the day to really focus on the kitchen and get done as much as possible. I painted the baseboard trim on the new wall and pantry wall. Last night I painted inside and made it look all nice and pretty. It was pretty disgusting from the can goods, etc. I put liners on the shelves in one cabinet (by the new wall) and put the appliances in there all neat and orderly.
One thing about going through stuff, if you haven't used it ....get rid of it. It is my new motto, decluttering makes you feel so refreshed and light about the space you just cleaned.

So the countertop is coming tomorrow, what a joy. I can't imagine how nice it will be to have a sink, running water, dishwasher and countertop to work on. It makes you count your blessings of the simple things/blessings we have in life.

I'll be posting some more pictures soon, I just want to get it looking nice before I take some pictures to share with you.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The new kitchen is blooming like a spring flower

Little by little the kitchen is taking shape. Every time we finish a project, it just makes such a difference of what the kitchen will become. First we finished the wall (sheetrocked, mud, paint), installed the cabinets, painted the ceiling...(still deciding what color sample I want to paint the walls) and now we finished laying the flooring. We have so much still to go paint walls, baseboards, recessed lighting, crown molding on cabinets, countertop, sink/faucet, hook dishwasher up, shutters on window and drapes on the patio door. I am sure there will be more to add to the list but slowly but surely we'll keep plugging along.

It will seem so nice to have everything back in the cabinets, a sink/faucet to use and a dishwasher to wash dishes. It is so hard washing dishes out of a bathroom sink. I thought about using our trailer sink but to carry all the dishes out, wash them and then bring them back in just seemed to much effort. You don't know how much you use the water from the kitchen sink every day until you go to get some water and you stop yourself in your tracks and then feel stupid because you forgot again there is no water yet.. I use the fridge water alot but there are times you have to make the trip to the bathroom to dump water out or to fill a pan to cook with. It makes the little things big things when you don't have the everyday luxuries I would call them to use.

Well I am off to bed to catch some ZZZZ's and recouperate for tomorrow's projects.

Sleep tight don't let the bed bug's bite~~~~~~

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Remodeling...Who's idea was this?

We'll I can truly say without a doubt....remodeling is one of the hardest things to do physically and mentally. We started earlier in the week remodeling our kitchen. We tore out one side of one wall that divides the kitchen and front room, to put up a new wall. There is a few reasons we done this to put an outlet behind the fridge (instead of the cord dangling across the wall to the other side where the outlet was located), to put a cable outlet to hook up the tv (instead of the cord running along the wall), to get rid of the paint job from years past. (I tried to paint it a texture of like sand, Ralph Lauren came out with it and to look and feel it ..felt like sand but it turned out horrible, it wouldn't blend with the next row that you would try to paint.) so I painted over it and it became this texture of a like a big nap roller would leave. I hated it and so did Scott, so he suggested taking out the one wall and putting up new sheetrock. So that was what we done last night.
So today was another day to begin to tackle the projects that we had lined out.
1.While he mudded the sheetrock, I packed up some stuff out of the cabinets into boxes.
2. Then we cut out the carpet and pad out of the dinning room.
3. Removed all baseboards and tack strips.
4. Unhook copper piping (trip to Home Depot for a valve to cap it off), to unhook the dishwasher.
5. Took out dishwasher
6. Took out 3 cabinets (leaving the others till Thurs so we can cook and wash dishes till we get the new cabinets)
7. Took out subfloor that was installed 15 yrs ago for the new vinyl floor.

It doesn't sound like to much but I am so tired I am crossed eye but to tired to sleep. It's like I'm having anxiety and restless leg sydrome at the same time. So here I am writing about our day. I can honestly say I haven't been this tired for a long time but I kept picturing a new kitchen with shining rays from the sun shining on it.

We'll so much for today's update, hope everyone is having as much fun as I am.........

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If I'm dreaming don't wake me up

I've heard many a times "Something worth while is worth waiting for" or "Something worth while is worth all the hard work". Well in both sayings, I think they have alot of meaning. I have been waiting for a long time for new kitchen cabinets, new flooring and new counter top. We decided a few weeks ago that it was time to tackle this project, we'll I can say is "One thing leads to another". It all started with an ad on KSL for wood flooring that someone had left over. All I wanted to do was replace the really old floor that was curling on the edges in the kitchen. There was enough to do that project, so off to Salt Lake me, my dad and Landon went to pick it up. It was some really good flooring, it was exactly what I have been was that for luck!!. So to make a story short, we decided to floor over in the dining room area next to the kitchen also. So off to Lumber Liquidators I went to get more to complete the project. asks "what are you going to do with the cabinets (they are 35 yr old walnut cabinets), since the floor is brown and with the brown cabinets?" I replied...I am going to paint them white. So the next thing I know where headed to Home Depot looking at wood to make new doors to make the cabinets look better. Ain't I got a sweet hubbie:)...we figured out what we needed and headed home to make a plan. After talking for a week or so, we decided to check in to just see what Kitchen cabinets would cost...I didn't want the real expensive ones...I'd be happy with just nice looking ones at this point. So to Lowe's I went and got a bid..., then went to Chris and Dicks...they were cheaper than Lowe's and better quality. So then I heard the sweet caroling from the heavens or maybe I was dreaming...Scott said..." Go get them and lets put them in." So for the last couple of weeks I have made several trips to SL trying to get things lined up and pick out what I wanted. It's good I'm not building a house, it would never get built...I am to undecive on what choices I want....laugh... so now we're just doing things around the kitchen to get things done that we want done to make it better while were waiting for the cabinets to be made (approximately 3 weeks)...I'll keep you up dated on the latest from the kitchen redo. I am sure there will be a few stories in the works along the way.