Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'll Take The Snow

So yesterday while I was fertiziling our lawn it started to snow. I was thinking ahead that Spring will arrive and I might want to have a nice lucious lawn some day....laugh....
I am so ready for SPRING to arrive!!!!

So when Scott came home he said that he drove home in a full out
snow blizzard. We both came to the same conclusion that we are so
tired of the cold, cloudy, snowy days. Then he said something that I
hadn't thought of which made me count my blessings for what I have.

"He said I would take this snow any day rather than be going through
what those poor people are going through in Alabama"

Even though it is snowing like a day in December, I can stay warm in
the comfort of my home.

It is so sad to look at the video's and hear the people's horrible stories
of them losing everything they owned.
The most horrible stories are the ones where they we're able to survive
but one of their family members didn't or having a family
member missing.

Just imagine your daughter or son, husband or wife,
father or mother missing .....that is a personal pain that I can't even grasp
what they are going through.

One couple lost their home of 30 years or the couple that just 2 months
ago bought their first dream home ever. The father who was eating dinner
with his children and felt the air pressure drop and knew instantly to get them
to safety in a special built closet just before the tornado hit, When it was done
they walked out to their house being totally leveled.

So yes I will take the cold, cloudy, snowy days of winter! Because I know someday
the sun will come out and melt all the snow away.

I am truly blessed to have my family that I love with all my heart safe and sound.

My home that I have many memories of raising my daughters, my grandson laughter
and toys strung all over, my son-in-law Jon love/smiles he gives us and last my husband's love he has given me all these years within these walls.

My prayers are with the people who's lives have been torn apart from the
tornado's and floods.
May today be the end of their dispair, that they may find a new dawn and begin
a new day of the rest of their life tomorrow.

God Bless Everyone!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bargain Stores

Groceries are not the only thing I like to look

for bargains for.

The other day I neeed a cell phone cord for our car.

I got tired of the phone cord in the other car when I

needed to use it. I headed to Walmart to purchase one

when I remembered that our local Deseret Industries has

a section of cords for various electronic items. After looking

through the bin I found one that would work for my phone, it

was marked $1.00. I was tickled I didn't have to pay $10.00

at Walmart, especially when I have been pondering the idea to

get a phone upgrade ( which I am eligible for), I just don't want

to pay more for the new one each month so I just keep putting it off.

So while I was there I strolled down the aisles to see what else I could

find. I found a Prada purse for $4.00, it even looks "Springy".

Then I found 2 goggles for riding our ATV's, they were both marked

$1.00 each. The yellow ones have never been worn. The red one

I bought for my grandson had a few scratches on them but had the plastic

cover on the lenses still.

So the next time you have an item you need, ponder the idea to go to

your local thrift store, it just might save you enough money that you can

purchase a few other items for pleasure.

So I have found another thrift store we use on occasion.

It's called Habit for Humanity Restore, it is open to the

public. People donate items for resale, then they take the

money to help build homes.

We have bought cabinet doors (story about Scott building the cabinet in

our trailer), heat registers, light switches/covers, etc.

They have windows, doors, couches, desks, bookcases, lights,

sinks, tile, window shutters, old kitchen cabinets (good for garages ),

door knobs, plumbing fixtures

Some items are brand new, some are old but looks new.

We have taken some items in to be donated to help them out.

So while we were there I found a cooler vent.

Our old one was plastic and was cracked where the screws were

and just looked cheap.

So I took it and spray painted it and it looks brand new and

looks so much better than the old plastic one.

I'll post a picture of it mounted on the ceiling when I

post my hallway after I get done remodeling it.

So thrift stores are like a box of never know what you will get.

Today's bargain's

Today I had a few bargains that I wanted to get before the

end of the week (more painting planned).

So I found a few more coupons for the travel/trial size items.

Tide: .97 cents at Walmart, $1.00 coupon from Proctor & Gamble

Vaseline: $1.47 at Walmart checkout aisle, $1.00 coupon

Degree deordant: $.97 at Walmart, $1.00 coupon Red Plum 3-27-11

When shopping at any store, keep an eye out for coupons that is

attached to the products. The Hungry Jack potatoes was an example of that.

They are .97 cents at Walmart, attached was a coupon $1.00 off 2 boxes,

making them .47 cents each.

(I already used one box for tonights dinner..if your wondering why there

is only 3 boxes)

The La Victoria sauce I found at the new store "Rudy's Dollar Store"

for $1.00. I know at Walmart they sell for around $1.50 a bottle.

Stove Top: Last week Albertson's had them on sell for .99 cents, I had

a .50 cent coupons from

Fuze: Macey's has them on sell this week for 10/$5.00,

in Red Plum 4-17-11, there is a coupon for $1.00/2, making them FREE!

Purex crystals: $3.97 at Walmart, $2.00 coupon RP 3-13-11 = $1.97 .....1/2 off deal

Last week I printed out 2 coupons from for $2.00 off any

Heinz ketchup. Smith's has them on sale this week for $1.99 for the 40 oz bottle

or the Tooele Walmart they had them for $1.98 for 40 oz bottle also which

made them a money maker of .4 cents/2 and 2 FREE 40 oz bottles.

I check about every other day unless a bargain blogger posts a

good deal. I print out the items I want because some items (like the ketchup)

that are super deals goes fast and when you go back to print them out later,

their no longer available. Usually you can print 2 of them before it tells you

that you have reached that coupons limit.

Usually at the first of each month alot of coupons will reset (like Reach Dental

Floss for $1.00 each) which Walmart sells for .88 cents (money maker).

Monday, April 25, 2011

Landon's Easter Egg Hunt

We celebrated Easter this year with Landon having an

Easter egg hunt in our backyard.

The night before he colored eggs at Shauna's house.

He ended up at the end

of the night with multicolored fingers and a tie dyed body.

There were lots of Humpdity Dumpity eggs, he liked tossing

them into the bowls and hearing them crack.

So when we put the eggs out in the backyard we also put out

plastic eggs covered with a decorative cover with flowers, chicks,

eggs, etc on them (I used them for Shauna and Kimberly's

Easter egg hunts also ...yes I know I am a pack rat that never seems

to get rid of stuff from past)

So we planted 3 dozen eggs throughout the yard....

We had the dog on a leash, she liked to gather them up and chomp

on the plastic one's.....

We got all ready and handed him the basket and showed him the first

egg and the rest we were on a run to gather the others.

He started running and saying..."GO GO GO GO".... we all started

laughing and watching him have the time of his life.

We started noticing a pattern as he was gathering up the eggs,

he was only collecting the real Easter eggs and walking right by

the plastic eggs, even kicking one a few feet in front of him.

He only liked "REAL" eggs.

We eventually got him to gather the plastic eggs but he wasn't

excited about them~~~~

This is video of him collecting the "Real Easter Eggs"

saying "Go GO Go"

Hope everyone had a


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tropicana Orange Juice

Albertson's has a coupon that if you buy 2 Tropicana Orange Juice $2/5.00 you get a dozen eggs free. In the Red Plum 3-6-11 there is a $1.00 coupon for each OJ you buy making 2 Tropicana OJ's and a dozen eggs $3.00. At Walmart the eggs alone are $1.68 for a dozen.


Albertson's has
Stove Top Stuffing: For .99 cents when you by a combination of 10 items. Go to and there is a .50 coupon for Stove Top, print it twice. Making 2 boxes .99 cents.
(I just match it at Walmart so I didn't have to buy 10 items).

Best Foods: $2.99, Red Plum .75 cent coupon making them $2.24 each.

Albertson's ad ends today.

Operation Toy Story game

Christmas already???

Right now Walmart has Operation Toy Story game on sale for

$5.00. In the mail last week you got a circular from Playland,

in there is a $3.00 coupon for the game Operation which makes

the game $2.00. Also you can go to and print out

2 coupons. They would make good birthday or Christmas gifts.

My sister even suggested that you can donate one to Toys For Tots

at Christmas time.

I bought the Connect 4 game last week when Target had them on
sale for $8.00, then I used one of the $3.00 coupons from Playland
making it $5.00.

I was going to post this last week sorry......but it was kinda hectic
dealing with a new addition to the family .....story will follow soon:)

Are You A Follower

If you visit my blog from time to time, please become a follower.

I like to blog about my family, home improvements and what is
happening in my daily life.

I like to also blog about the bargains I find from couponing,
visiting other bloggers (thanks guys), or items on sale that we

I guess I'd just like to know if me blogging is interesting to you
and if it is helpful also.

Thanks Paula


This week was my 1/2 off bargains mostly. I did receive some

freebies in the mail also.

Purex Crystals: $3.97 at Walmart, $2.00 coupon RP 3-13-11 =$1.97

Right Guard: Macey's $1.50 (priced matched at Walmart), BOGO free = .75 cents each

Degree: $1.97 on sale at Walmart, $1.00 coupon RP 3-27-11(all trial sizes were gone)

so I purchase full size = $1.00 each

Alpo & Pedigree dog food: .68 cents at Walmart, BOGO RP 3-13-11 = 34 cents each

Whiskas cat food: .55 cents at Walmart, BOGO RP 3-27-11 = 23 cents each
Purex laundry sheet: .97 cents at Walmart (trial size), $1.00 coupon RP 3-13-11, 3 cents profit

2 free coupons from Recycle Bank for 2 free cans of Friskies can food = 4 free cans

Breath Right: freebie received this week in the mail

Red dress pin(American Heart Association): freebie received in the mail

3 Atkins protein bars: freebie received in the mail

Ocean Spray: Free can received in the mail

Cheezit: reebie received in the mail

Original Orgin: freebie received in the mail

8 Women's Degree deodorant (trial size)

Red Plum 4-17-11 $1.00 coupon, .97 cents at Walmart= .24 cents profit

Check out these deals I still think all the coupons except the Alpo and Whiskas are still good.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Part 2: Couponing

I tried to download some more pictures but this site is working really slow so I'll just write some info that might help also.

Online sites:

I follow a few bargain bloggers

  • Utah Deal Diva

  • Coupons 4 Utah

  • Deal Seeking Mom

  • Hey, It's Free!

  • Todd and Erin

They post updates on deals daily, even a few times during the day. So I always check on their blogs when I get on the computer because some deals have free giveaways for the first 5,000(example) people who sign up so they go quickly. Some might be for a number of coupons and when that number runs out you can't get any more. So the saying "first come first serve" is true in bargain shopping.

Set up an bargain email account, mine is through yahoo. This will keep the spamers, miscelleanous out of your good email account. You will also then be able to go to that account and see any offers you might want to take advantage of. For example I have offers from Kelloggs, Kraft, RCWilley, Fresh Market, etc.

When signing up for freebies or coupons they will ask you for your name, email account, address (where to send the freebie to) etc. So this account will help through this process also.

Other sites to sign up for are:

Recycle bank: You get points for various things and then you can cash in those points for free coupons (this week I cashed in 60 pts and got 2 free coupons for 2 cans of Friskies cat food)

SWAG Bucks: You get points for visiting various sites and you can get free Amazon gift cards for so many points, which I never signed up for until lately and now I have 70 bucks. (300 pts is worth like $50.00 amazon gift card)

Fresh Market: They will send you a weekly super bargain of 3 coupons. Last week I got Bounty paper towels, and Charmin. I have gotten Jiffy Peanut butter, Smuckers Jam, whipping cream for example. THEE big internet coupon site, when bringing it up it'll ask for your zip code I just click the "No Thanks" tab and then the coupons will come up. Go through and check the coupons you'd like and then print them out.

I check this site around every other day unless a blogger shows a deal for a product and then the coupon from there then I will go print it out for me.

NOTE: when printing these out with deals mentions on the paper I will write down the deal from what store and price for example. This week a blogger mentioned a coupon from Walgreens for Heinz vinegar 32 oz. for .99 cents on they had a .50 cent coupon (which I printed one and then went back and printed another). So when the page came out printed I turned it over stuck it back in the computer printed it again, then wrote ...walgreens coupon .99 cents , then when I went to Walmart I gave them the walgreens coupon when ringing up the vinegar and then at the end of checking out I gave them the 2 .50 cent coupons which I got them for 50 cents each when originally they were $1.58.

Red Plum: This is like the circular you can get in the sunday paper. They have some of the coupons on line but not all of them that are in the circular. So on some of the products you'd like more coupons check there sometimes you might be able to get more.

Smart Source: This is the other circular you can get some coupons also.

Facebook: Alot of companies will give you either free samples or high redeemable coupons if you like them on facebook. Example: Starkist tuna, Miracle whip, Cheez its, Tide, etc If you don't have a facebook account it might be worth signing up.

I tried putting the links up but blogger won't do it so I'll try at a later date. Sorry....

These are some of them that I can think of now I am sure I'll remember more later. I hope this will get you started online for now.

Thanks see you at the next post:)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deals from the past month

I had these pictures on my camera and I thought I

would hurry and post them before the time got away from

me any further. So in the past month I found a few good


These are my freebie's:

One dog food: free sample

MegaRed: free sample

One cat dry cat food: free sample

Make-up : free sample

Vaseline lotion: free sample

Fiber one cereal and fiber bar: free sample in the sunday paper

Sun Drop: coupon for free sample in sunday paper

Tide:(3) $1.00 coupons from Proctor & Gamble coupon booklet, they were

.97 cents at walmart (trial size) so I gain .03 each = 9 cents profit

Gain dish soap:(3) $1.00 coupon from P&G coupon booklet, they were

.97 cents at walmart = 9 cents profit

Secret travel size: (3) $2.00 coupon from the P&G circular, they were

$2.47 each so I ended up paying .47 cents each

Whiskas cat treats: We're on sale at Smiths for .49 cents each and had 2/$1.00

coupon = free

Challenge butter: $2.00 coupon from (you can print 2),

they were on sale at Smith's $1.99 = free

Egg Beaters: free coupon for 1 carton of egg beaters

EAS: $3.00 coupon, $3.87 at walmart so I paid .87 cents for them

Alpo: coupon for Buy one get one Free

Trident: Coupon BOGO free

Yakisoba: .58 cents at walmart, 50 cent coupon(SS)= .08 cents

Rice A Roni: .79 cents on sale at Smiths, Coupon buy 3 get Pasta roni free =

.59 cents for each box

Secret: $2.47 at walmart, $2.00 coupon (P&G circular) = .47 cents each

Propel: .49 cents on sale at Smith's , 2/1.00 coupon = Free

Reeses candy : BOGO free

Vitamin water: .49 cents on sale at Albertson, $1.00/2 if you buy fruit

(found coupon hanging on the bottles)

This was my big bargain I signed up for Fresh Market online and they send me coupons on selected items (usually 3 coupons on different items)

They had 8 Bounty towels for $4.99, which I had a $1.00 coupon from my

Poctor & Gamble booklet which made them $4.00 each = .50 cents each roll

Charmin 12 rolls for $4.99, $1.00 coupon from P&G = $4.00 each pkg

which made them $1.33 for a 4 roll pkg

While shopping they were giving away Denta bone samples,

so I ended up with 5 samples

Friday, April 8, 2011

The unexpected

So I haven't posted anything lately because I have been

painting the living room which has been half done since last May.

The ceiling was half painted since last year when we remodeled the

kitchen, which I painted the ceiling that extends into the living room enough

so I could paint the kitchen wall that extends into the living room.


I'm painting the living room wall when Scott comes up from the basement

and asks if I've been on the computer. I said "No" I've been taping and painting

so I haven't had a chance to get on the computer today.

He said " The computer screen is all black"

To make a long story short, at 9:00 pm we were at Walmart looking

at computer monitors. We were going to purchase an Accer (which

was the brand we previously owned) for $139.99 but they were all gone

due to the fact that they weren't going to carry Accer anymore.

So we ended up getting an LG 22" LED monitor for $159.99,

which I think is a pretty good price.

It seems bigger and brighter. I think we're going to enjoy it alot.

Our new LG computer monitor You never know when reality in life will hit you unexpectedly. All you can do is look at all the blessings you have that hit you unexpectedly also, then make lemonaide out of lemons.