Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grandpa Griffin and Landon

Landon and Grandpa Griffin

So my dad is still recovering from his knee surgery.  He originally
got operated on May 7th, but due to problems with health care facilities and
infection in his knee, it has been a slow road to recovery.

On Friday, they transferred him from an acute facility to a skilled
nursing facility here in town...he is getting excited...little by little
he is getting closer to home, I think he can even smell it.

So today me, Kimberly and Landon went to visit him.  While there
Landon was showing him how he could play a game on mommy's
phone.  It was so cute I had to take a picture of them together.

While there we went out on the patio and was visiting when we
seen Scott walking up to the facility.  It is 2 miles from our house,
I didn't know whether to kick him in the rear or tell how proud I
was for walking that far...So I told him how great he done ...then
scolded him a bit.
Because on May 19th, he had a two level fusion done on his
back.  He was suppose to be resting at home when I left him.
He had already walked 2 miles in the morning, which I thought
he'd over done that.  The doctor told him the best therapy was
to walk, walk, walk and do some more walking.  So that is what
he has been doing.

I'll post about Scott and his ordeal next time but it is time for bed
and relax for another day in my mixed up world.