Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jennie-O Turkey Bacon

So last week I made a trip to Cosco to load up on a

few items that we had run out of.

You can find some good deals on some things

but when shopping there you need to figure the price per item

to see if you could get it cheaper at the local grocery


One item I really like is the Jennie-O Turkey bacon. It

comes thick sliced (most of them in the grocery store comes

thinly sliced), you get 4 individual 1 lb packs for $10.49 that

comes out to $2.68 a pack.

The best thing about this bacon is that me and Scott love the

taste. It tastes like ham.

You have to make sure you don't over

cook it we've learned. It's not like regular bacon where it is crispy

when it is done. We cook it on medium heat for about 6-10 minutes

or till it looses the pink color and has the consistency of ham.
It has been mentioned on the Biggest Loser show as a alternative

to regular bacon.

For each slice it has:

40 Calories

1.5g Fat

.5 g Saturated Fat

20 mg Cholesterol

220 mg Sodium

1 g Carbohydrate

l g Sugar

6 g Protein

48 servings per container (which is 2 pkg and in each one of

those pkgs is 2 lb pkg which comes out to a total of 4)

I hope that makes sense.

Last year I lost 20 lbs and was feeling so much better but since then I

have gained 10 lbs of it back. So I am trying to start again with eating

healthier meals again and to start exercising again. With the weather

warming up now I can get out and mow the front and back lawns. I

should mow every neighbors lawn as much weight as I need to lose but

this will be a start. I mowed our lawn when I was growing up so I have

always mowed lawns. I love to see them all manicured when I get done....

don't laugh I do... sometimes me and Scott has had a few arguements

over me mowing it. He doesn't want the neighbors to think bad of him

but I explained to him that they'd probably like their wives to mow their

lawn also...laugh...

I have plenty to do to keep me busy....lets see ...there

is 4 flower beds that need some work, to finish our white vinyl fence,

to finish painting the deck (winter came to early so I never finished it)

and I am sure there will be more to put on the list.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Ronzoni's website has just reset.

I just printed off all 3 boxes and then hit the
backspace and printed 3 more.

These are good coupons to have on hand.
Macey's just had the Garden Delight pasta on
sale last week.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Albertsons, Walgreens, Maceys, Walmart


Carefree product .99 cents, coupon Limit 3
Free 18-22 count or $1.00 off any size, SS 5-8-11

Wonka Exceptionals 2/$3.00
BOGO , SS 5-22-11
.75 cents each


Oscar Meyer hot dogs .99 cents w/10 participating products
2/$ 1.00, SS 5-15-11
.50 cents each

Gatorade .50 cents w/10

Best Foods Mayonnaise $2.49 w/10
.25 cents, Red Plum 5-22-11

Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing $1.99 w/10
$1.00, SS 5-15-11
.99 cents

Clorox Bleach $1.19 w/10

Ocean Spray 100% juice $1.99 w/10
.55 cents of Blueberry, Red Plum 5-15-11

French's Yellow Mustard .99 w/10
.30 cents, SS 5-15-11
.69 cents

Reynolds Aluminum Foil 35-80 sq ft $2.49 w/10
$1.00 SS 4-17-11, SS 5-15-11

Wisk Laundry Detergent $3.99 w/10
$2.00 RP 5-15-11

Pillsbury Brownies. 49 w/10

Heinz Ketchup 32/36 oz 3/$5
.50 cent, SS 5-22-11
Macey's has a 40 oz for $1.79 = $1.29


Western Family Olives .95

Lays Potato Chips $1.88

Clover Club Potato Chips, 3/$5

Lawry's Marinades .99

Farr's 4 Qt Ice Cream $4.99

Meadow Gold Twin pops .99

Meadow Gold Ice Cream bars 2/$3
$1/2, SS 5-8-11
$1.00 each

Coke Products 20 pk $4.99/2 with in ad coupon
.50 of 20 pk or larger, peelie on boxes

Hash Browns .88

Bounty Paper Towels $4.79
.25 Proctor & Gamble May
$4.54 that comes out .57 cents a roll

Freschetta Pizza $3.99
$1.00, SS 4-10-11

Kingsford Charcoal Briquets $3.99


IHOP breakfast products $2.87

NexCare bandages $1.00
$1/2, SS 5-1-11
.55/1, SS 5-1-11
$1/2, RP 4-3-11
.55/1, RP 4-3-11
.45 - .50 cents

Kraft Mayonnaise $2.50
.75, SS 5-15-11
$1.00, SS 5-15-11

Bounty Napkins $3.97
.25, P&G May

Monday, May 23, 2011


I found a $4.00 coupon off ay Zyrtec product.

Walmart has a 5 count for $5.97

$4.00 coupon Red Plum 4-10-11

Total cost $1.97


These are some deals for Target this week, most of them are the
unadvertised deals.

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Flushable Refill Kit $3.94
Use the $3.00 off of one Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Refill Kit found in the 05-15-11 SS (*Regional Coupon)
Total cost $0.94!

Up & Up Pain Reliever 24 ct. $0.99
Use the $1.00 off of on Up & Up Pain Relief Item Target Coupon
Total cost FREE!

Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce 12 oz. $2.00
Use the $1.00 off of one Frank’s Red Hot Sauce Coupon found in the 05-15-11 SS
Total cost $1.00

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce 18 oz. $1.20
Use the $1.00 off of one KC Masterpiece Coupon found in the 05-15-11 SS
Total cost $0.20!

Ore-Ida East Fries Golden Crinkles (Small Box) $0.99
Use the $2.00 off of two Ore-Ida Frozen Potato Items Target Coupon
Total cost FREE when you buy 2!

Use the $1.00 off of one Caress Body Wash Target Coupon
Plus, use the $0.75 off of one Caress Body Wash Coupon from the 05-22-11 RP
Total cost $1.24

Purchase (2) John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo or Conditioner at $5.24 each
Use the $3.00 off of two John Frieda Products Target Coupon
Plus use 2 of the $3.00 off of one John Frieda Product Coupon from the 05-01-11 SS
Total cost only $0.74

Wish Bone Dressing 8 oz. $1.29
Use the $1.00 off of one Wish-Bone Dressing Coupon from the 05-22-11 RP (*Regional Coupon)
Total cost $0.29!

Shedd’s Spread Country Crock $1.87
Use the $1.00 off of one Shredd’s Coupon found in the All You May Issue
Total cost $0.87

Eveready Batteries $1.00 (Can be found in the Dollar Spot, Are Energizer Brand)
Use the $1.00 off of one Energizer Coupon from the 05-01-11 or 05-22-11 SS
Total cost FREE!

Pepsi Product 6 pack Bottles or 12 pack Cans $2.50
Use the $0.75 off of one Diet Pepsi Cans 12 pack Coupon from the 03-06-11 SS
Total cost $1.75

Purchase 2 Gillette Razors & Receive a $5.00 Target Gift Card
Possible Scenario
Purchase 2 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razors at $7.99 each
Use 2 of the $4.00 off of one Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors Coupon from the 05-01-11 PG
You will pay $7.98 but you will receive a $5.00 Target Gift Card
Total cost $1.49 each when you buy 2

Free $5.00 Target Gift Card when you purchase Brad Paisley’s “This Is Country Music CD” at $11.99
You will pay $11.99 but you will receive the $5.00 Target Gift Card
Total cost $6.99

Thanks Freebies 2 Deals

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Do you recycle?

So I try to be environmental friendly and try to do my

part to try to save this earth's resources.

I take one of these paper bags to the local paper recycling

bin about every other day. I put the paper's from the circular's

in this bag along with envelopes/papers from the mail.

My local and Sunday newspapers are also recycled.

I have also started taking cardboard from boxes from cereal, rice a roni,

medicine, pepsi, toliet paper rolls, etc.

Check your local recycling center to see what items they will take.

On some of the bins will have a list of what items they will accept

posted on the front of them.

Did you know that one person will use one logging truck full of timber

in one year. Just think of the paper you write on, toliet paper, paper towels,

napkins (in fast food restaurants), newspapers, cardboard boxes (that contain

your breakfast, lunch or dinner) are all paper goods that come from thousands

of trees that harvested every year.

I have a medium size garbage can in my hallway closet that I use to keep

the papers to be recycled. It is close to deposit any papers easily and fast

any time of the day.

When it gets full I get a paper sack and put all

the papers/cardboard into it and put in my car to be

dropped off when I go up town.

I usually get my paper bags from grocery stores that offer

paper bags. When bagging my groceries they will ask what kind

of bags you'd like. I always get the paper ones, so I can recycle

them. They will break down where plastic bags will stay in the

local landfill for 1,000 years. Which brings me to my next subject.

Do you recycle your plastic bags?

I usually gather the plastic bags I don't want after shopping and

put them in my trunk of my car. Then when I go to Walmart or

other grocery stores that collect plastic bags I will deposit them into

their collection boxes that is located near the front entrance of the store.

I usually get mine from a local grocery store Macey's.

When you recycle you also save on the resources to make new items,

like electricity and water.

If you are interested in recycling as much as possible, one good

site that is available to learn as much as possible while earning points

to redeem for coupons or other items is the Recycle Bank.

I have already received 2 coupons for 4 free cans of cat food each.

So the next time your drive up town, drive by your local recycling bin

and deposit a bag in the recycle dumpster or when you go to Walmart

deposit your bag full of plastic bags when you walk through the door.

It only takes a few moments of your time to protect mother earth as much

as possible because....

she is the only one !!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Didn't Forget

It's been awhile since I posted on how I do my couponing.

I have changed things here and there as I as I go. I do get

some hints from other bloggers on how they do theirs but

some is my own ideas on what works best for me so far. As

I stated I started last fall so I am still not an expert but I love

to explain how I do it to family, friends and fellow bloggers.

These are my post it's that I bought from Walmart for

around $3.50. I use them on the folders that contain my

circulars. On each one I put the circular's name (Red Plum,

Smart Source, Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, Pepsi).

Then I put the date underneath the name.

(picture of folder on the first post March 29th)

This is a temporary file container till I can

find one that I like better.

I like how it is portable for a few reasons:

  1. Easy put away in a cabinet

  2. Easy to carry to the kitchen table to file new circulars, go through old folders etc..

  3. Easy to carry to the kitchen counter to find that coupon in a hurry that you need for that great buy.

  4. To put in the car for that BIG shopping trip when I go to Salt Lake ( a couple times a year) Then if I find a deal that I wasn't counting on then I have my bin at that time to retrieve that certain coupon. Which has happened and I was glad to have it with me.

I don't have an area that I can have organized file cabinets, computer, etc

(hopefully one day I will have an office that I can set a system up with everything

at my finger tips) so this will have to do till then.

I put General Mills, Proctor & Gamble, Red Plum, then

Smart Source in the back. (GM & P&G is in the front because

there is only 1 folder for them)

I intend to put file dividers separating the each of the
different circulars, I just haven't gotten to it yet....some day...hopefully.

I was going to have one bin for Red Plum and one for Smart Source but

I want to keep it as mobile as I can, so once a month I will take out the

older circulars and go through them and get rid of the expired coupons/pages.

If there is only 3 or 4 current coupons I will put them in my binder (later post).

I then take off the post it and throw it away. File the empty folder in the back

of the bin to have handy for the next new folder I make.

Sorry the picture wasn't to clear. I use to have all the Red Plum

one color post it, Smart Source another but as time goes

I just hurry and grab a post it...write the name and date on it

and hurry and file it before it gets lost or they just pile up on top

of my bin.

This was my coupon bag.

I found it at our local Deseret Industries for $2.00.

I wanted something that I could take to the store

and be organized.

I put the stores ad's inside when I received

them that day.

One reason was I use to look through papers on the

kitchen counter for the store ads when I sat down to do my organized shopping lists.

Now I just grab my coupon bag and everything is there all organized.

I liked the two pockets in front.

When shopping at the store, I would put the item

in the shopping cart, followed by putting the coupon for that item in the right side

The left pocket was for the coupons that I didn't use on that trip. They might not

had that item in stock or I decided agains't that item at that time.

This is my new coupon bag.

I also got it at the Deseret Industries for $2.00.

The front of the bag has one big pocket, which is bigger

and can hold more coupons at one time.

When open I still put all the store ads that I want

in the middle of it.

This is inside of the bag, it holds paper clips (behind the
Proctor & Gamble coupon books), pens, my calculator,
scraps of paper to scribble on (notes to self, like something
on sale in the store to go home and find a coupon for that item)
It has pockets to put high valuable coupons in or something
I want to take to the store.

This is the back, it also has a big opening and easy to open to use.
Its where I put the coupons that
I decided not to use.

This is a pencil holder that I put my coupons in to take to the store.

If visiting several stores then I use one for each

of the store to keep the coupons organized.

I put this inside my coupon bag when going to the store.

Sometimes when I go to the store in a hurry I can stick it in

my purse with a few coupons that I intended on getting shortly.

So I have tried to make my shopping trip as organized as possible.

I use to go in the store with ads, all thrown around the cart, coupons

all over inside my purse. I would also go home with coupons that I

forgot to give them when checking out.

I hope this helps or may give you an idea to help you out the next

time you go coupon shopping.

Next time I'll tell you about my photo album that stores individual


Wisk $1.99

Smiths 5-18 thru 5-24

Wisk is $3.99
Use the $2.00/1 coupon out of Red Plum 5-15
= $1.99 each

This is a super good deal!!


Unadvertised Deals

Here are a few unadvertised and Krazy Gift Card deals at Target! These deals are valid now through 7/9.
L’Oreal Excellence Hair Color $7.94
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Gift Card
Use 2 $2.00/1 – L’Oreal Hair Color Item, Target Coupon – (
And Use $5.00/2 L’Oreal Hair Color products, any from RP 5/15
Pay $6.88, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $0.94 each when you buy 2
Physicians Formula Concealer Sticks $4.94
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Gift Card
Use 2 $3.00/1 Physicians Formula Cosmetics Item Target Coupon from People Magazine 4/18
Or Use 2 $3.00/1 Physicians Formula Cosmetics Item Target Coupon from Glamour or Allure Apr. 2011
And Use 2 $1.00/1 Physicians Formula cosmetic product, any from SS 2/27
$1.00/1 Physicians Formula cosmetic product, any from SS 3/20
$1.00/1 Physicians Formula cosmetic product, any from SS 4/17
Pay $1.88, Receive $5.00 Gift Card
Final Price: $3.12 Moneymaker

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What A Deal

I was visiting my blog list and visited Thrifty 101, she mentioned some good deals,
Old Navy is going to have their Flip Flops for $1.00 on Saturday.
JetBlue is offering one way fares starting at $44.00 today only.
Circuit is having a midnight sale offering Buy 1 latest cartridges, get 2 free, she
also mentions to visit their bargain bins (all for under $5.00)

So go visit her blog to get all their info.

I would post them but haven't figured out yet how to link their sites on my
blog. Sorry..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Enjoying the Sun

So this last weekend, Scott took off a few days and we

headed out to the desert to enjoy a few days in the sun.

Scott use to race his motorcycle through this part of the

desert so he knew of a few neat places to visit while we

were going to ride our bikes with all of our family.

Our camping site....notice those nice clouds moving in~~

Cherry Creek Resevoir

It is a resevoir at the top of a mountain in the desert.

The cattlemen use it to water their cattle and horses.

In the mountains we came across some very old mining

sites. We also found this house in the side of the mountain,

maybe one of the miners built it to stay out of the elements.

Landon found a flat rock to pose for a picture for grandma.

Shauna, Kimberly and Landon coming back from a

ride through the tree's.

So after a day of riding we came across these old tree's in

this lush part of the dry dirty desert. Scott said it belong

to Porter Rockwell when he was living in Utah.

Kimberly, Landon and Jon posing for a family picture.

Shauna showing how big this old tree was. It would be

curious to know exactly how old it really is.

There was many more tree's around this area that were

also old and big. One we called the weeping tree, it had a few

big branches hanging down like it was crying.

We had a fun filled day with the sun shining bright and warm.

I even have a sun burnt nose and cheeks to prove it. I won't complain

in the least.

Saturday afternoon the wind and rain came in for a few hours. Sunday

came out sunny and bright again till around noon, which was fine we had

four fabulous days of enjoying the family all together in the sun.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tylenol Precise

In the Red Plum Smart Source 5-8-11, there is a coupon for the Tylenol Precise creme or pads. It is for only this week, it expires on May 15th, so hurry if their not already gone. This is a good
buy, Walmart has the creme for $5.97 so you just pay .97 cents.

Also in the same circular is the Schick Razors 2/$3.00. Smiths has them on sale for $3.00, so each one would be $1.50.

Happy Sensation Nivea lotion is $5.00 at Walmart, with the $3.00 coupon out of the Red Plum 5-15-11, you pay $2.00 for a great bottle of lotion.

Velveeta Shells & Cheese

So as you know I should just pack a bag and move into

Walmart. It seems I make a daily trip to Wally World.

While there I found a display with Velveeta Macaroni

and Cheese and Kraft barbeque sauce. On the front of the

display they have coupons for Velveeta Mac n Cheese,

and Kraft bbq sauce.

The Velveeta Mac n Cheese was marked $1.75,

minus the .50 cent coupon = $1.25.

The Kraft Barbeque Sauce was marked $2.00,

minus the .50 coupon = $1.50 for a big bottle of the

great bbq sauce. ( I use it when I cook my beef

short ribs in the oven, yummy!! Brown beef ribs, I like the ones

without the bone in for this recipe. Put the beef slices

in a sprayed casserole dish and pour a bottle of bbq sauce on top

of ribs. Cover and Cook for 350 degrees for 1 hour or alittle more.

I found if I cook it longer they get more tender. Take

out and enjoy!! Simple and Easy.)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Klondike potatoes BOGO

B1G1 Free – Green Giant Fresh Klondike Rose Potatoes, 5 lb bag – (

WooHoo! Green Giant will be releasing a Buy One Get One Free coupon for Klondike Rose Potatoes today at 12:00 PM EST! These are some of my favorite types of potatoes and will be a great addition to the special Mother’s Day dinner. There is a print limit of 2. Print these quick they are sure to go fast!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


So I haven't posted any bargains for a few weeks...sorry

But here is what I found yesterday. It took me 3 different

shopping trips but I found most of what I wanted.

Smith's is having a great sale this week. With living in a town

with no Smith's..Walmart come's in handy when they will price match

any price if you have the store's ad.

4 Quick Cook pasta: Smith's .49 cents, Ronzoni coupons $1/2 (their website)

SS 4-10-11. 55 cents also .02 cents overage

14 Degree deordant: Walmart .97 cents,$1.00 Red Plum, .03 cents overage

1Purex laundry sheet: Walmart .97 cents, $1.00 Red Plum, 03 cents overage
10 Noxzema razors: Walgreen's .99 cents, $2.00 Red Plum 5-1-11, $1.01 overage

$10.63 cents total overage:)

2 Pantene shampoo: Walgreens 2/$3.00, PG May 2/$3.00= FREE

4 Hershey's: BOGO, .50 cents each

2 Colgate: Walmart .97 cents, .75 cents = .22 cents each

Fixodent: Walgreen's $3.00, $3.00 PG May = FREE

31 Nivea Body Wash: Walmart $3.00, $3.00 RP 4-17-11 = FREE

10 Propel: Smith's .49 cents, $1/2 SS 2-13-11 = FREE

2 Old Spice: Smiths $2.99, BOGO PG May = $1.50 each

Gillette Body wash: Smith's $2.99 BOGO deordant(up to $4.99) PG May

= $2.50 each 3because I bought the Gillette Clinical deordant

2 Oral B toothbrushes: Walmart $1.50, $1.50/1 PG May = FREE

4 Right Guard: Walgreen's .99 cents, BOGO PG May = .50 cents each

2 Spic N Span: Walmart .99 cents, .55 cents, = .49 cents each

StarKist Tuna: Walmart .98 cents, 50 cent = 48 cents

2 Alpo: Walmart .78 cents, BOGO SS 5-1-11, = .39 cents each

2 Cheez It: Smiths $1.99, $1.00 facebook coupon = $1.00 each

Nalleys Pickles: Walmart $1.62, $.75 cents = .87 cents

3 Homestyle Mac n cheese: Walmart $2.00, $1.00 = $1.00 each

I bought a few other items not pictured,

2 Nestle bottle water: Smith's $2.99, $1/2 Pepsi circular = $2.50 each

Campbells Soup: Smiths .69 cents, (Bean n Bacon, Cream of Chicken Noodle,

reg $1.32, Cream of Mushroom/Chicken, reg. $1.00 at walmart)

So I bought $333.08 worth of groceries for a total of:

$58.78 cents

for a savings of $274.30

So this was last weeks find.

Homestyle Mac n cheese: Walmart 2.00, $1.00 coupon = $1.00
7 Degree deordants: Walmart .97, $1.00 RP, = .03 overage x 7 = .21 cents
Reach dental floss: Walmart .88 cents, $1.00 = .22 overage

I also look at Walmart's discounted daily bakery items.
I found sandwich rolls for .95 cents, french bread for .59 cents
and wheat rolls for .59 cents.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Addition

So we have a new addition to our family.

She is red, most energtic, and known to make a

frown disappear with seconds!!

We have always been a family that love the outdoors.......

boating, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling and camping.

We took our oldest daughter Kimberly snowmobiling in Yellowstone

for a whole week when she was alittle over a year old.

Our youngest daughter Shauna we took her to Yellowstone

camping when she was a month old in her bassinet.

Then 2 years ago we took our grandson Landon boating

when he was 2 months old in Idaho.

We have waited 3 long years for our new shiny

Red Razor.

I still believe we are dreaming ~~~~~

So a few weeks ago we took her out for the day out

by Cherry Creek. We had a blast!!

Me going through the tree's.


Scott coming in from a ride.

Today's ride out by 5 Mile Pass

A view of the valley from the top of the mountain.

I found this delicate weed but she looked like a flower...

(Don't laugh...)

Growing out of this rock in the trail.

God's mysticals touches of life

Video of Scott riding through camp,
that darn truck got in the way.

So we can't wait for Spring to arrive
so we can go explore God's country!