Monday, December 26, 2011

What happened after Thanksgiving?

After Thanksgiving it seemed like time was a blurr. Shortly after Thanksgiving I got the stomach flu for a few days, where nothing seemed like it would settle on my stomach. During that time we were able to put

up our Christmas tree and each day I would decorate alittle more in the house.

Reindeer and pinecone decoration on

my kitchen counter. I bought the reindeer

at Home Goods and the pinecone at Walmart.

Christmas Village displayed on top of my

kitchen cabinet. I don't have any place to

put a Christmas Village so this is the next

best thing, which I really like. It makes it

feel warm and cozy. Scott put them on a

timer for me, then I don't have to get a chair

each night to plug/unplug them in.

Christmas ornaments on my tree

I decided on the outdoor theme (which I have had in previous yrs) this year. It just seemed appropriate since we spent alot of our summer time enjoying our place in Idaho, which we talk alot about still to this day.

The Christmas tree was filled with fishing ornaments, log bird houses,

pinecones and ornaments from our snowmobiling trips to Yellowstone.

I put up my little stuffed black bear hugging a pine tree.

After the week of the stomach flu, the next week I got the flu. Where you get the hot/cold chills, muscle aches etc. That lasted quite a few days also. I had been sick that I hadn't even been christmas shopping and the days till Christmas was approaching fast. I figured I'd just hit it hard one day and get it done, which that is exactly what I did 5 or 6 days later. I couldn't believe I got everyone done except my daughter ...which I finished the next day.


The third week I got the sore throat, croup cough head cold. I couldn't believe it!!! For 3 weeks I had been sick with various cold symptoms. I usually get sick once maybe twice during the whole winter seasons.

I still have been sick this week.

You know when your a mom/wife life goes on even if you are sick.

It is just a fact of life.

Then add the fact that it is Christmas, you certainly can't take a break. You need to clean the house, prepare Christmas (eve) dinner in our case, wrap presents, deliver Christmas presents to family and friends. I just kept plugging along..thinking to myself..when it's all over with you can sleep for days if need be.

Scott helped me clean house and prepare the dinner. Kimberly also helped the night before helping me cut vegetables for the stuffing and potato salad which helped a bunch.

Christmas dinner turned out so good. Everything tasted amazing. We had a small turkey with stuffing, a honey glazed ham which was to die for, frog eyed and potato salad, which was one of the best I had made. We sat at my new dining room table that we had just refinished. We put in the leaf and was able to sit 6 people just right, which I could've never done at my old table.

It was a picture perfect Christmas dinner.

So considering the month of December I was sick for most of it. I still thoroughly enjoyed Christmas. I have so much to be blessed for. A healthy family, a warm cozy home to enjoy the holidays, food on the table,

and most of all "The love and blessing from our heavenly father"

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas also.