Monday, July 12, 2010

Island Park

Kylie looking for squirrels

Island Park

We weren't planning on going to Island Park this year, we were going to stay home and try to do some projects around the house instead...but as time went
by we seen everyone else heading out to enjoy the summer, we got alittle upset that all we were doing was work and not some enjoying some of our summer before it's all gone. So we decided after all to take the trailer up to our place in Island Park and relax in the solitude that we get when were there. The place was
pack with
tourists and summer residents that you couldn't even get around down by Mack's Inn (where there is a gas station, reservation office for the RV park and hotel, river where you can fish or play in, canoe and souvenoir shop) but up at our place you hardly heard anyone or any cars....

We sat at our place under the tree's in our lounge chairs, sipping on a cold pepsi, listening to the birds and a breeze every once in awhile go through the
trees. The temperature was around 68-70 degrees during the day which was perfect. The nights got down alittle chilly 40 degrees and the night it rain a bit,
it snowed in the mountains and the Tetons. It's usually alot warmer up there than this summer so far but everything is so green still and the resevoir is full of
water. The Teton's is SO Covered with SNOW that it will never melt off before fall when it starts snowing again.

Not planning on going up to Island Park this summer just made me realize how much I do love our place and how it makes me feel while were up there. In the past when I've been up there, all I've thought about is wanting to go to California and enjoy the beach and ocean that I love but this year I had the yearning to go to Idaho to enjoy the green tree's and see God's country that we are blessed to be able to have in our lives.

While we were there a cow moose and her new calf which was really young came through our place. Even on the 4th of July with all the people around you still get to see the wild life that lives around there. Supposedly there are wolves and of course the grizzly bears that share the surrounding mountains but everyone takes precautions and is aware of the danger that comes with living in the wilderness or close to it.

You can barely see the mom and her calf

Everyday we get busy with our lives and the hussle that surrounds our daily activities and trying to get everything done. Trying to make sure your yard is watered and mowed, that you get your kitchen painted and the carpets cleaned...etc. etc.. then when you stop and breathe in alittle fresh air from the green pine trees to the ocean mist coming off the ocean that you realize how much those daily chores and trying to keep up with the neighbors yards doesn't matter. We all can use alittle moments of god's heaven he has given us to truly enjoy our lives and the people we love and to reboost our souls to truly find out the real meaning of us living each day to the fullest.

I hope all who read this can enjoy a moment of God's heaven and feel truly blessed as I do.

Kylie relaxing on the couch after a full
day of looking for squirrels and taking
walks through the tree's.