Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Every penny counts

This week I did alittle more grocery shopping

to catch a few more savings before the coupons

expire before the end of the month and the sales

of the grocery stores end for the end of the week.

I purchased $290.14 worth of groceries and

spent $116.45. That is a savings of $173.69.

This was just some of the finds I got.

UP2U $1.28 (walmart)- $1.00 SS 1-1-12 = .28 cents

Zone Bars (Albertsons) $1.00 - .55 cent, add the special to

double up to $1.00 SS 1-22-12 = Free

Huggie Wipes $4.19 (Albertsons) - $.50 dbled to

$1.00 = $3.19 for a 3 pack = $1.06 a pack

Bic pens (walmart) .97 - $1.00 SS 1-8-12 = .03 moneymaker
Hormel Chili (Smiths) .45 - .55/2 SS 1-15-12 = .17 cents each

Crave cat treats (Walmart) $1.47 - BOGO ( = .73 each

Wisk (Albertsons) $4.99 - $1.00 SS 1-15-12 = $3.99 not pictured

Ragu (Albertsons-price matched Wal) .99 - .50 RP 1-29-12 = .49 cents

AquaFresh (Albertsons-priced match Wal) .99 - $1.00= .01 MM

Oral B Floss (Walmart) .97 - $1.00 P&G = .03 MM

Mission Tortillas (Albertsons) $2.00 - .55 peelie dbled

to $1.00 = $1.00 not pictured

Rachel Ray's dog food sample received in the mail

I purchased multiple items that I didn't show.

Chili - 34 cans

Oral B floss - 9

Mission tortillas 3

Wisk 9

Crave 4

Huggie 3 - 3pks

Bic 4

plus other one item specials I didn't show.

The last grocery post the Resolve, Bic pens, Schick

razors came out of Smart Source 1-8-12.

I am trying to make every penny count now days.

I'll try to post some of my finds before the sales end

so you can take advantage of them also.

My winter kitchen decor

This week I took down my winter decor I had up in my

kitchen. I put it up with the Christmas decorations and

left them up because it was so pretty I wanted to enjoy it

alittle bit longer.

They were on top of my kitchen cabinets. It was a

beautiful swag that was flocked with glitter on it. I got

it at Tai Pan last year on clearance, so I was eager to

put it up so I could enjoy it. There were two white flocked

pine cones that I purchased in October in Walmart when

they started putting out their Christmas decorations. I

put them in the middle of the swag to add more of a

center piece to it.

I put some batting underneath the swag to

give it the look of snow. I then put my lantern

that I have up there year round beside it.

I did have some red/white poinsetta's on each

end of the cabinets to finish it off. (I had already

took them out when I hurried and took a picture)

Once in awhile when decorating your house,

some arrangement or picture comes out better

than you imagined. This was one of those times

that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also enjoyed my

christmas village all lit up on the other cabinet

(picture in previous blog).

But ready to find

something new to put up there to enjoy. I haven't

figured that out yet but that is the nice thing about

having a clear slate, you can use your imagination.