Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Island Park, Id

So I have been waiting all winter and spring for all

the white stuff on the ground to melt so we could start

making plans to go to our place in Island Park, Id.

It all started the year after we were married that we

made a trip to Yellowstone for our first vacation. We took

our small boat and fished on Yellowstone Lake. That is where

I caught my first fish.

The next year we went to Henry's Lake (14 miles south of

West Yellowstone). It is a trophy lake with big trout in it.

So for the next 7 years we camped at Henry's Lake in our

truck and camper. Every evening the sky would turn dark,

the wind would kick up and it would come in and rain. The

lake made its own weather for some reason.

In 1989, we decided that we LOVED that area with its lucious

green fields of grass with antelope grazing, the forest tree's

blankleting the mountains and valley's and the crisp air carrying

the smell of the pine tree's is unbelievable, that we bought a place

that we call home for the summer. We're always doing something

to improve it so that maybe when Scott retire's it'll all be done and

we can just sit and enjoy the birds and the wildlife all day long...

So we took our fifthwheel trailer up a couple weeks ago and stayed

up there for the 4th of July holiday. We got surprised a few days

into our vacation when the kids decided to show up with their trailer

and enjoy the holiday with us.

So we took a few rides in our new Razor and even found that white

stuff called SNOW!!

Landon had a blast up there, playing in the creek, smelling the

wildflowers, watching the birds and even seen a mother cow moose

with her new calf the size of a medium dog.

Landon playing in the flowers

Landon smelling the flowers

The river that runs by our place

Kylie riding in the razor

One of our favorite trails

Kylie having the time of her life....she isn't spoiled is she???

Sawtelle Mountain

The trail going up to the top of Sawtelle Mountain.

White elephant where they measure the snow

on the mountain. There was 4 feet of snow

according to their measuring stick.

Trail going to Sawtelle Mtn, we let Kylie out

to play in the snow.

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