Monday, September 19, 2011

Landon at the State Fair

So on Thursday me and Kimberly took Landon to the

Utah State Fair. The day was really nice, not windy,

not hot...just right..with lots of sunshine., couldn't have

asked for a better day.

So we started off by taking him to see all the animals.

First was the sheep, they were bathing and clipping them.

I started taking pictures of him watching them, of course he

wanted to take some of them himself. He is going through the

Mr. Independent stage right now, its been going on for a few

weeks but now its pretty well everything. Kimberly had an old

camera that he uses now (he has a play one that takes pictures

but its not cool like ours I guess).

We went on to see the cows, goats, then we seen the ponies.

He really liked them but wasn't sure of them until Kimberly took

him out of the stroller and put him on "Joe" He wasn't sure of it

but then seemed to started to like riding him which was a great

surprise considering he didn't like the Merry Go Round at the

company party earlier this summer.

Everytime I went to take the picture he would start
playing peek a boo, so I'm lucky to get this fuzzy picture..

We were almost finished with the fair when we seen
these seals that we're hanging out on the deck soaking
up the sun. They had a performance an hour earlier
(which we didn't know about). Landon loved watching
them swim around in the big pool beside the stage for
them to cool off.

It has been several years since I've been to the State Fair.
It seems we are always out of town that weekend or have
something going.

I really enjoyed observing the arts and
crafts. Quilts that look amazing that they would've taken
years to make or wood carvings that make your jaw drop.
There was a full canoe made of wood that I would never put
it in water that it was so gorgeous and beautiful.
I loved gazing at all the pictures that you could look at for
hours and never be without awh.... or make Kimberly
become teary with emotion when gazing upon a picture of
Santa Claus with a reindeer picking through a window.
(which she ended up purchasing).

I so enjoyed the "Old State Fair" thank heavens some old
traditions are still available for the young children to grow up
enjoying as we did when we were young.

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