Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Landon in Island Park

Spending time in Island Park has been a way we spend time as a family during summer and winter vacations. Scott has been going up to Idaho with his mom and dad since he was a little boy.
Scott and my first summer vacation was going to Lava Hot Springs, then going up through Yellowstone Park and fishing on Yellowstone Lake, that is where I caught my first fish.

Since 1980 Island Park has been our second home. We have had numerous family and friends go up and stay with us. We have shown them many of our favorite places like Island Park reservoir where you can waterski or go tubing on, John Sacks cabin where you can see trophy fish and a moose or two, 4-wheeling trails that we can ride a 100 miles a day and never see the same trail, Sawtelle mtn (on top of a mtn) where the pine trees smell crisp and green and you can look down on the whole valley and be in ahh, Mesa Falls, Earthquake Lake, Henry's lake where you can get trophy fish, or just float down the snake river all day (slow current) and get out by our place. .

Every year we go up as much as we can to relax and get away from the busy life we live everyday here ...but we always have a few projects that we try to do while we're there.

Kimberly and Shauna was born knowning Island Park like the back of their hand. We took Kimberly snowmobiling when she was a year old up to West Yellowstone where we traveled to Old Faithful seeing buffalo, elk, swan's along the way.
Shauna was a month old when we took our parents motorhome into Yellowstone Park for a week.
So we have just raised our children enjoying the outdoors. Last year we took Landon up when he was 5 weeks old and went boating on Island Park resevoir. This year he was walking around picking up pine cones and learned how to throw rocks into the lake. So we have a new generation enjoying what we love so much and hope they pass on this legacy to their children.

Landon exploring nature

Jon and Landon

Landon chasing the dog around

Kimberly giving Landon a ride in his wagon

Landon getting rocks to throw into the lake

Landon at Cliff lake


  1. Ha... You blogged about our weekend vacation before I did. I have to wait until I get my camera cord back from Shauna though. It's amazing to see how our family has evolved. If it wasn't so hard to find a job up there I think that we would have moved up there. It seems like some summers we actually did live there, staying 3 or 4 weeks at a time.

    Did you mean that we took Landon up there at 5 weeks last year? He was pretty young.

  2. OOPS, I did mean 5 weeks (I just changed it, thanks for catching that)

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