Friday, November 4, 2011

Red Lobster and Footloose

So you know the saying "Why the cat is away the mice will play"
we'll I done some playing tonight.

Scott went elk hunting with my son-in-law Jon. They were met up with Scott's friend Terry who has a cabin up at Flaming Gorge. We'll to tell you the truth Scott has never been a hunter, he would rather save a animal then shoot it, he thinks their to beautiful.
So you might say he has been converted to the reglion of hunting by the fact he would do anything for Jon. He doesn't have a hunting license but he did get a fishing license in the
hope that Jon might get his elk early and then they can go play and do some big fishing on
the Gorge. He is going to be the cook and extra man to help bring out the elk if the luck
shall prevail.

So me, Kimberly and Shauna decided we would have a girls night out to enjoy ourselves
also. Shauna ended up going to St. George to spend time with her cousin Whitney who
recently turned 21. So we dropped Landon off to grandma Lynn's for some fun time, then
went to Red Lobster to enjoy their Endless Shrimp. I love shrimp but living in Utah, we
don't get to eat it as much as I'd like (the seafood in California is to DIE for). So we tried
the Shrimp Alfredo and Breaded Shrimp first....YUMM, wish I could explain how good it
was. Then we tried the Shrimp Scampi and Spiced Shrimp next, the Scampi was also good
but didn't care to much for the spiced shrimp. That was my first time eating at Red
Lobster but I can certainly say it won't be the last. I could eat there once a week if the
budget allowed but I will be thinking of that dinner for awhile.

Then we hurried over to the Gateway to the Cinema to watch "Footloose". I haven't been
to a movie for awhile, I am one to just wait till it comes out on video for the most part.
Unless its Harry Potter or the Twilight series. So I went with excitement of enjoying a good movie. I love Juilianne Hough, she can sing, dance and act. She is a very talented young
lady. I heard that the movie had good reviews and that it put the old one to shame, which
was hard for me to believe. I can truly say that I totally agree with who ever said it, it was
so good that I found myself wanting to watch more of it when it ended. The story was good,
the actors/actresses were so much better but the dancing....all I can say is "extremely out
of this world" . At times certain parts would remind me of the old movie, I did however like how they kept it close to the same production then remaking a whole different story line.

I left leaving the movie feeling like I wanted to be 30 yrs younger, go out line dancing
(which I haven't done in 32 yrs) and kick up my heels. You could go in to watch the movie
in the worst mood, come out in a happy go lucky mood kicking up your heels.
I give this movie 5 stars *****!!!

I plan to do a few more things while the cat is away, one is a big project that I have in the
works since Labor Day and hopefully have it done before the cat

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