Sunday, October 16, 2011

Witchfest 2011

So I love holidays.

I love to decorate my home with the holidays in mind.

Every month has a decor theme.

January - snowmen

February - Valentines

March - St. Patricks Day

April - Easter

May - Spring

June - Spring

July - 4th of July

August - watermelon

September - sunflowers/fall

October - Halloween

November - Thanksgiving

December - Christmas

So my shed in our backyard is packed with

bins with the holidays decor. I've been trying

to go through it and get rid of the old decorations

that I won't ever use to make room for the new ones

that seem to have multipled lately.

So this year I have been looking forward to Halloween.

Last year me, Kimberly, Shauna, my sisters Vicki,

Susan and her daughter Whitney, all went to Gardner's Village

in Salt Lake City. They decorate the village all out in witches.

They even have a witch royality. You can have breakfast with

the witches or have a wagon ride with them. All throughout the

village they have life size witches in various is even

on the potty in an outhouse:)

Two nights during October they have a "ladies night out" at Witchfest

celebration for

ladies 18 yrs and older all dress up as witches.

They all converse in the village to see the parade, dance and just

right out have FUN!!!

So back to the subject...I had so much fun last year that I couldn't

wait to go again this year.

Kimberly and Shauna decided to have a gathering of witches at

Kimberly's cottage before heading into Witchfest.

The witches table with all their potions and

books of spells.

Kimberly made this witches candle holder.

She spray painted an old lamp, took the wiring

out and put candles in it. She then added black

beads for alittle decor.

Shauna made these witches broom favors

filled with witches favorite snacks.

She got the idea off of pin interest.

So when all the witches got done eating their

hearts delight, we put our hats on and gathered

our brooms and flew in the full moon night sky

to the witches convention held over the mountain.

When arriving there were already several thousands

witches already celebrating the streets singing and


The witches gathering for a picture before

taking flight.

Stephanie Lancaster, Kimberly ?,

Kimberly, me, Shauna, Breanna Utley

Susan, Vicki Utley, Claudia Griffin

Lisa Harding, Miranda Utley, Sherilyn Idle

Missing witches that couldn't make it were

Whitney Green and Alisha Harding. They were at

the College of Witchcraft in St. George.

Jennifer Harding met all the other witches at

the witchfest.

After a night of singing and dancing,

Shauna and Kimberly stop to take a

moment to let their dancing boots cool off.

We all had such a great time together

Dressing up as witches like little kids

We are moms, daughters, sisters, aunts,

and friends who can gather together

Sing, Laugh and Dance

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