Friday, August 3, 2012

Landon's vacation with Grandma and Grandpa in Idaho

So me and Scott was vacationing in Island Park a few weeks
ago and decided to have our little bud come up and spend the
week with us. 

We throughly enjoyed him, he kept us on our toes but we
had some leverage to keep him in line----
our Razor.
He LOVES to ride in the razor, so anytime he would
behave all we had to do was tell him he wouldn't be
riding in the razor anymore...aren't we bad!

Landon eating at his own picnic table
under the pine tree's.

He rode his bouncy ball all over the place.

Landon playing on the log like he was riding a horse.

Landon and Kylie, best of buds!!
The Buffalo river behind them.

So he helped grandma paint the picnic table, he
had a blast!!

Landon just had just rode up in the razor,
to the boat dock
where you can float down the river.

So the last day we were up there we went to West
Yellowstone to buy him and his soon to be brother,
a T-shirt. 
 He wasn't even interested in buying a shirt,
he wanted "Socks"  yes ...socks.
So he found the pair he wanted with bears
and campfires on them..
 He totally loved them!!
Then in another store he found a couple of belts with
Yellowstone Park on the back of it made with beads.
....I did buy a couple of shirts but he was happy with his
Socks and Belts.

So that evening after taking a bath, I went to put his
regular white socks on and he threw a fit and then we
finally found out why..
He wanted to wear his new socks to bed!!
....with his Mickey Mouse pajamas...laugh

Landon going to bed with his new socks on.

So we had a great week with him and made alot of memories
that we will never forget and hopefully he'll remember some himself.

Time goes by so fast. 
 I remember 3 years ago, when Kimberly, Jon and
Landon came up to our place and he was a month old then when
we introduced him to our favorite place in the pines.
He even went boating that trip, slept like a baby in his
carseat wearing his lifevest we got for him.

I hope he will come to love Island Park as much as we do
and hopefully we will leave a legacy of memories with
him and his soon to be new brother.

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