Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Backsplash in the Kitchen

Before After

So the backsplash in the kitchen caused alot of mental anguish, figuring out what you want and then figure the height was hard also. I started looking at tile down at our local Home Depot. I came home with a 12x12 sheet of 2x2 individual tiles, 6x6 tiles of the color and texture I liked. I figured different patterns but wanted to look some more. I checked another local dealer on subway tiles in beige natural stone. Then Tile for Less, Lowe's and then back to H.D. for more selection. I had to come up with 17 inches in height..I could do 6x6 three high and cut off an inch. It just looked like it needed a design or interest, so I finally came up with a 6x6 on the bottom, then a bar, then 2x2's, another bar and then finally a 6x6 on top. It looked good and honestly I was tired of trying to find something to fit. They all had a selection of pieces of 4 or 5 inches of different tile with different colors but they were the wrong color (I like black but not in the kitchen). So then I went down and purchased 74 6x6's, 36 bars, 8 sheets of 2x2's plus mastik, sealer and grout. We started in laying the tile around noon and didn't finish until around 6, it was alot of work but excited at the same time to see it taking shape. Now that I have done it I would do things alittle differently but we all learn things by doing them.
Scott was off Thurs so we grouted all of it and broke the small trowel and made a trip to H.D. again (their profits should be good this month:))
We waited till Sunday to make sure it was all dry before applying the sealer to all of it, we done 2 coats to make sure no stains (like spaghetti sauce) would stain it.
It is exactly what I wanted it to look like. I really liked the glass tile but figured in a few yrs the look will be outdated and this will stay in style much longer.

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