Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Memories of being a mom

On Mother's Day I reflected on my life as a mom, grandma and wife. Being a mom has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. I remember my daughters as babies learning to crawl, walk and talk. There were the many field trips I went on with them in grade school.
Watching them dress up for Halloween and parade through town for school, then later me and Scott would take turns staying home handing out treats while the other one took them through the neighborhood.
There were the many Christmas's eve parties that we would have at our house for family and friends. Which I hope made many memories for all that attended. I hope I instilled memories for the girls to remember as I do reflect on some special times I had growing up and Christmas's with my siblings, parents and grandparents.
I remember the time Shauna announced to me that her friends were coming over that day to her birthday party....that was a surprise party for me to find out about... but I hurried and threw one together and she had lots of fun. Which I can still picture to this day.
They can make me cry the time Kimberly touched my heart when we were at SeaWorld and she touched one of the dolphins for the first time and the expression on her face when she touched his skin and could see up close his eyes looking at her. She loved dolphins and had a collection of them in her bedroom along with her dolphin bedspread and pillow.
I remember the first time I seen each of them dressed up in a formal dress getting ready to go to the school dance. They looked so grown up with their hair all done up with their formal dresses which made them look like princesses.
Then there were all the dance performances me and their dad went and watched, I can truly honestly say we only missed a few through all those years. They started when they were 6 or 7 years old dancing for Jazz In It...then later on in their years they made Sha-Ronns (which was such a honor that they followed in my footsteps) watching them grow into beautiful dancers was as beautiful as their dances. One of the highlights we'll all remember will be when they became National Champions for drill team in California, we weren't expected them to win lst, being the first time they had ever been there, plus the other talented drill teams were performing out of this world. Like Disneyland says "They make Dreams Come True".
Camping is been a part of our lives, from boating, fishing, 4-wheeling, spend many summers camping in Idaho. Including a few years ago, when a bear decided to come to our place and visit us (which I say we had a few guardian angels with us that night), the girls riding a little 3 wheeler non stop to when they grew up and drive big 4 wheelers now.
We even go to Las Vegas and all stay in our fifthwheel trailer for the weekend for all the excitement of one of the Nascar races that comes out here in the west. This year we had a new comer....Landon had a blast having all of our friends make a fuss over him:)
Being a grandma is one of those blessings that comes from God that can make you feel about as special as you can feel. I am even more blessed then most is that I get to spend most of the week with him babysitting while mom and dad go to work. Watching him grow up and do something new every day puts a smile on my face and I can't wait to tell mom, dad, Aunt Shauna, or grandpa when they come home. We spoil him just like we did the girls, he has already went boating when he was 3 months old, went camping, hunting with mom and dad, and in February went to the Nascar race. Watching him learn to sit up, crawl and now walking is amazing to me to experience as a grandma:)
There is so many more memories that I have been blessed with that I would run out of space and bore everyone to mention all but God has blessed me as a mom and grandma and I will try not to take it for granted anytime. Thank you Kimberly and Shauna for making me proud to be your mom and to love you every moment of my life.

Other memories:
Shauna being in pageants
Kimberly getting married
Looking out the kitchen window to see Kimberly on the top rail of the swing set
Shauna graduating from Dixie State College
Shauna asleep in the toy box
Kimberly having the door open to the motorhome and watching the road while we were going down the road.
Shauna having the time of her life at the demolition derby's (having a mud race barefoot while wearing a tiara)
The morning Kimberly delivered Landon with the storm Hurricane force, Scott delayed in traffic and the joyous time he came into this family/world.
Shauna graduating from her Surgerical Tech program.

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