Monday, May 17, 2010

The New Wood Floor

So the kitchen is mostly done, we have a few things to do for now to complete it except for the recessed lights and the other cabinets we decided to go on the other side of the kitchen that will come later on down the road when money replenishes itself. I thought I would share some of the new things we done in the kitchen each post and then at the end of the posts I'll show you the whole picture (by then it should be completed).

First of all we decided not to put the island back in like we use to have. The decision came after we took the cabinets out to put the new ones in. For a few days it was so open and more space then we ever had and discovered we really liked the openness of it all. Then the night before we were to put in the cabinets Scott asked which way I wanted the cabinets to go in and we decided to do the open concept (which I am so glad we did every day since).

So when we put in the new wood flooring it even made the area even seem bigger. It has held up so well with all our daily living and stills looks great. The floor made the cabinets even stand out and made the kitchen even seem richer and warm.

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