Friday, October 29, 2010

Every day with Landon

As I posted earlier that Landon does something that just amazes me that he learned or done something. In the last couple of months I have captured some of those moments. He brightens my day when he is here with me. I love him so much and is such a blessing to our family. He is now 18 1/2 months old and it seems at times he is 2 yrs. He is such a fast learner and says and does things that you didn't even know he knew.

So one day last month I was doing the dishes and he came up beside me carrying the weigh scale that I keep behind the door to weigh myself (since I have been trying to lose weight....gotta get back in the groove of it soon)......anyways I move and he puts the scale down right where I usually weigh myself and steps on.... he weighed 21.6 pds by the way

So a few weeks later I was doing dishes again (humm is there a pattern here?) and I thought to myself...humm I haven't heard Landon for a bit so I decided I better go and see what he was up to, which you never know with him have to keep close tabs on him or he'll leave a path of distruction through out the house. He isn't one to sit and play with toys, he likes to pull out drawers, pull things out and put them in another drawer. He loves opening and closing things like he is seeing how they work....well anyways back to the story...I went in every room and couldnt find him when I was coming down the hall and looked in the bathroom and the door was open and a foot hanging out....he had crawled inside of the bathroom vanity and was opening and closing the door....later he took the towels and washclothes out and used it as a play hut for a couple of hours. So I called his mommy and told her what his latest discovery was, she said"how did he get in there?" I told her that he crawls in and then sits down.
(don't mind my old vanity, hopefully it'll be replaced in the spring)

So last week I was about to do some decorating above my cabinets and left the stool out and went to the bathroom....when I came back out this is what I found. He had climbed up and was smiling ear to ear, even with aunt Shauna in the front room. I told Shauna to come in and see what Landon had done, her jaw dropped to the floor since she is extra protective of what he does wise. She'll have her children wrapped in bubble wrap and wearing a safety helmet..(.just kidding Shauna)
So I hurried and got my camera off the counter and took a shot, got a good one huh!
(Sorry I couldnt figure out how to turn the picture)

So Kimberly dropped Landon off one morning and she had been gone around 20 minutes when Landon started laughing so hard, him and Kylie was playing on the kitchen floor, I started laughing at them when I realized that I should get my camera and record it so I hurried and went downstairs and got my camera off the computer dock and the time I went back up stairs they were pretty well finished playing.
Landon had his pajamas on and Kylie started pulling on one of the feet and dragging Landon around the kitchen floor (hum new way of cleaning the kitchen floor) in circles, Landon was laughing so hard like I was tickling him. I wished I had caught more of it on camera.

Landon and Kylie are bestest buds!!
They usually have their play sessions in the mornings, this was yesterday morning when Landon decided to get up on the bed and roll on top of Kylie.

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