Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Painting the deck stairs

It seems like it has taken me a long time to paint our deck this summer. I always have interruptions or have errands to do before I can drag all the paint supplies out and start painting.

Today I did get our steps painted.

In June I got an idea that I would redo our deck. So me and my hubby pulled all the carpet off the floor and steps. We put down OSB on top of the 2x6's because we want to enclose the space under the deck in the future and we want to make it waterproof the best we can. I primed the OSB and we're going to lay down ice shield on the whole thing. (Ice shield is a rubber membrane that it unbelievable sticky on the bottom side and waterproof on top. They use it when roofing houses along the edges where ice tends to build up and it waterproof it better than roof felt) I did get all the rails painted on the railing and then I started on the stairs.

I use Porch N Floor paint, or oil based paint. I bought it at Lowe's because they had an additive to add to the paint for the stairs.

In previous years I primed all the wood and then used latex paint. Every year it would peel in areas and then I would have to repaint. So 10 yrs ago when we redone our deck, I used oil base paint. I hate to work with it but it has lasted 10 yrs before I had to paint again this year.

The stairs I added an additive to 1/4 gallon of paint. It said to add it to a gallon of paint. First of all I only had 7 stairs to paint and didn't want to waste the extra paint, plus I wanted it extra coarse to make it extra non-slippery. It is like a sand consistancy for traction so they won't become slippery. So far I think it will work, I will let you know at the end of the winter.

Finished look

Stairs half painted, starting to look so nice


Painting supplies
Good pair of gloves (less clean up with paint thinner) your hands will thank you
Small paint tray, paint brush and foam roller

Finished look
Can I say how much I love the clean white look
As you can see I got the edge of the deck painted on the left but didn't get to the right side. I guess I'll continue on next spring, hopefully it won't take me as long next time.

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