Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This weeks deals

This week I done alot of couponing and cashed in a couple free coupons to get all this for $9.14
The Cottenelle was free (coupon for referring a friend offer)
The Advil was free (just signed up for free offer)
4 Crest was free (1.00 coupons in circulars)
4 Crest was .50 cents each (.50 cents coupons)
Cat Treats were .52 cents (1.00 coupons)
White Cloud was 1.00 (1.00 coupon)
Betty Crocker Brownies .18 cents each (on sale at Maceys for .68 cents and used 2/1.00 coupons)
Yakisoba was .8 cents each (.58 cents at Walmart then used .50 cent coupons out of circular)
$38.14 was the total value, subtract $9.14 total cost = Savings of $29.00
The Brownies I am going to use for neighbor/friend gifts for Christmas, so that will be great....and maybe a few might be eaten for night treats which Jillian Michaels would be cusing at me for:(

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