Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My lonely pigeon

My story begins about 2 weeks ago
(sorry I just haven't had time to sit down and tell my story till now).
I usually get on the computer before going to bed ,some people read,
I catch up on my friends blogs or check out facebook.
It was a very windy day/night. I was downstairs by the patio door,
when I heard a thud on the glass...which scared the holy crap out of me!!
I quickly looked just in time to see a white bird flapping around under the deck.
I think the wind just got it disoriented and it flew to a light source that it seen.
I quickly turned on the patio light to see that it had flown over by the 4-wheelers and wall. I went up stairs to get my shoes on and quickly went outside (leaving the dog inside) to see if I could see the bird. I looked under the 4-wheelers and didn't see anything and thought maybe it just walked under the atv's and then flew away. I was about to go in when I got one of those voices in my head to crawl over the atv's and looked by the wall to see if I could see it. When I got over there I seen a white bird between a piece of board and the wall cornered into a small space. It would have never been able to get out of there and fly if I hadn't came along. I gently grabbed it around its body and started to lift it out when it started getting upset and got out of my hand, it flew towards the patio door again and kept flying into the bottom of the deck floor. It finally landed in a corner by the patio door which by now had a dog and a cat looking out wanting the bird for themselves. I picked it up and took it over to the outside wall and put it up on a 2x4 shelf that a robin had made a nest earlier in the spring. (which I posted the story about my bird family earlier)
I checked on her before I went to bed and when I got up the next morning and she was still there waiting for the right moment to fly away which by then the wind had subsided.
I believe everything happens for a reason...
sometimes we just don't get why but it does.
I recognized the bird that night from a pair of pigeons that have made our backyard and the neighbors backyard their homing area.
They are kinda off white and you never see one without the other one. So when I seen the one that night I looked for the other one to be around the same area....but no 2nd pigeon.
So the next morning after the wind stopped I went out to check in the daylight to see if I could find the other pigeon, I walked out by my rescued pigeon and all of a sudden she flew away right out into the open. I looked in the area on and off for the rest of the day to see if I could see them but to no aveil no pigeons.
Two days after the terrible night I seen one pigeon on the power lines without her partner. My heart sunk to see that she was alone. I explained to Scott when he got home from work what had happened a few nights earlier and showed him my lonely pigeon waiting there for her partner.
About a week had transpired when Scott called my out of the kitchen to show me a couple of birds flying around a few houses away. He said it was my couple of pigeons together. It was to far away to see for sure but I hope it was them.
My lonely pigeon waiting for her partner
I haven't seen them since Scott showed me the birds in the trees a few houses away but hopefully their flying together somewhere in the tree's where
someone else can enjoy their company as I did this summer.

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  1. Update: A few days ago I seen my lonely pigeon on the power lines again....ALONE~~~~so sad, it makes me want to cry. The birds we seen earlier must have been some other pigeons that live in our neighborhood.