Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding present

So I had a wedding present that I have been meaning to make but just finely got the stuff to make it. I wanted them to have some holiday decor in their new home that just smelt so good that when they get home from work they are welcome with a smell of homemade cooking.

So I went to Ross and bought a glass vase for $4.99, fall ribbon from the dollar store, and fall potpourri from Walmart on clearance for $4.99 (only used half of the bag so I can make myself one later), and a candle from the christmas section at walmart also for $2.50.
It was easy to put together, I just tied the ribbon around the base of the vase, then put the candle inside and then just added the potpourri around it.
For $11.00 ( only used 1/2 potpourri $2.50) I made a wonderful fall vase that smells like Thanksgiving dinner.
I hope they enjoy it for the holidays.

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