Saturday, December 11, 2010

Appreciate the small things

Sorry I haven't been blogging for awhile. Our computer has been having some issues lately and decided to have a melt down 2 days before Thanksgiving. It all started a couple months ago ...... it is 7 yrs old and needed our browser updated so I decided to take it in to get it updated and get it cleaned out from any virus etc that it might have. Never had one instance where it would freeze up or any software issues....UNTIL I got it back from getting it updated. It got where it would totally dump from the site I would be in, or pieces of the page would be missing, or it would freeze up. So I took it to another store on Redwood road, Jay and David worked their magic and it now it runs like its a new computer. It runs so much faster and no issues EXCEPT...
they reloaded all the info as a backup, so when we try to reload things back on it won't because the 2 programs are conflicting with each other. ....SO....Monday it is going back in to get the harddrive reformated and then it should run for alittle longer ....because its so old our hard drives are going out, so its running out of time...hopefully not for awhile until we get back on our feet from house taxes and christmas. I am hoping it will last until we get our taxes back in March, then we can get a new one with more space, burners etc.
We have all our pictures and documents saved on another drive that Scott is going to take out this weekend before we take it back in on Monday.

So these last few months I have gotten alittle appreciative of the small things in our daily lives that make our lives alittle easier and enjoyable.
To be doing something and think I'll look that up on the internet, getting on facebook and socializing with my friends and family, looking at our emails, looking at deals for groceries and printing coupons (this is a big one since I started being a couponer).
So the next time you get on your computer just appreciate that you have one of the modern day invention that makes your life alittle easier and enjoyable.

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