Wednesday, December 29, 2010

White Chocolate Oreo's

Every Christmas I do some baking, mostly pumpkin rolls to give to family and friends, along with our summer sausage. This year I had a couple of coupons for the Chocolate covered oreo's, with them on sale at Walmart and the coupon I paid $1.67 a box. I ended up getting 3 boxes, figured over the holiday's I would break them out and give us a treat......well they didn't make it till Christmas. One night me and Scott was looking for something to snack on (I know we are bad!!, diet's start in January again) I remembered I had the Oreo's so I went and got the little box and tried them out. They we're so delicious !!!!, we could've opened the 2nd box but we waited till the next
So that gave me an idea to make our own white chocolate covered oreo's, we'd surely get more for less and then I would have them for Christmas when everyone comes over to visit.
So the next trip to the store I purchased:
1 pkg of Almond Bark ($1.72 at walmart)
2 bags of regular Oreo's ( I thought the stuffed oreo's with chocolate would be to sweet when you bit into it) ($1.99 each bag on sale at walmart)
That is it.... 2 ingredients!! Simple HUH!!

I opened the almond bark pkg up and chopped it up into bite size pieces

Then I just put my corelle bowl over a sauce pan with boiling water,
then added the bark and stirred until smooth.
Then I dipped the oreo's into the chocolate with my fingers,
I tried other things but they didn't work.
I placed the dipped oreo's on a sheet of waxed paper (parchment paper would do also)
and took the spatchela and added chocolate to where my finger was to cover the
whole oreo.

I had left over oreo's so I just placed them around the dish
to make it look alittle more decorative.

The final showpiece

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