Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bargains of the Week

So this week I went to Walmart and collected a few bargains that
I have found on a few bargain bloggers.
They first told about a $3.00 Gain coupon out of Red Plum circular
(has Subway on the front of it)
if you go to Walmart and get the Gain 40 ct fabric softner sheets for
$1.87 it is a money maker on each box (I made approximately $10.00).
The Yakisoba I had a coupon for fifty cents and it was 48 cents, so I made another 2 cents on each one.
The lens cleaner and cloth was a freebie from Walmart vision, found a link for a free cleaner and cloth and printed it out and took it in.

So then I had Buy One Get One Free coupon for Sunbelt fruit bars
(another find and you could print out as many as you wanted)
The SeaPak popcorn Shrimp at walmart is $1.58 and had a dollar coupon, so
it made them .58 cents each.
The candy bars were BOGO free also.
The Yogurt I had a coupon 6/40 cents.
Gain I used a $3.00 coupon on it.
So with the money I made on the first part I got all this FREE.
(It helped getting free items from BOGO free)
So I bought more Sunbelt Fruit bars, lunch meat,
Green ice tea, cresent rolls (all used coupons)

So for all above items I spent $17.32
The orginal amount started at $74.02

I have just started finding out how to get most for our money,
I would use a few coupons here and there but as much as groceries are getting
I am thankful for my new blogger friends that has helped me tremdously.
It actually has become a new hobby or job for me. It give me great satisfaction
to see what I can get for the most of our money.
If you are interested let me know and I'll give you some hints and show
you some blogs to visit. Why not??

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