Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Shall I do???

So tomorrow is the first time in several weeks that I won't be babysitting Landon. Jon has been in training for a few months now and has been on straight days. Kimberly has Wednesday's off but she has been working a few of them also.

So I wake up early every morning and is greeted with Landon's bubbly smile and as Kimberly comes through the door, up the stairs she puts Landon down and his feet hit the floor...his off to do his morning routine...1st he goes over and picks up Kylie's dog food dish and hands it to me (or he'd play in the food and water), then the water dish....then he runs to the patio door where I take them out and set them outside so she can eat and drink during the day. Then he runs across the kitchen and waits for the pantry door to open and insists on getting a doggie treat which I enturn hands to him then he runs back to the patio door...waits for me to open it which I do...then he tosses the treat out on the deck which she then goes and eats it. By then Kimberly is ready to leave which he then goes to the top of the stairs and gives her a kiss and then proceeds with waving his hand up and down saying "BYE" then..."SEE YOU LATER".....then...LOV YOU!!....Every morning he says that as she gets ready to go out the door. 2nd: he then runs to the pantry I open it and he then stretches his arms up and I grab the cereal and then we run to the table where he sits in his chair and has cereal (sugar pops or cinnamon toast) with milk. He eats it pretty good with a spoon but then we he is almost done he starts sharing with Kylie the cereal sopped in milk which he tosses on the floor which she eats (I am still trying to train him into not sharing with the dog but I am trying to reason with a 2 yr old...don't think its goin happen). I put him down and start cleaning up and while I am doing that he goes around the house and finds what ever to get into to. 3rd: He opens the coat closet and starts wining for me to come over which he wants me to drag out the vacuum and wants me to vacuum the floor. (This is his ritual as much as the doggie dishes) So I start vacuuming which the floors usually are need of it. Sometimes if I am tired I'll just vacuum the hallway. He'll go get his play vacuum and he'll be right beside me helping me vacuum all the little dust bunnies up.

We'll do various things after that until he gets tired and has a morning nap around 9 or 9:30 am.

So tomorrow Jon is on his 4 days off, so I won't be getting up early (yeah right!! I usually is on this schedule so I usually wake up on my own anyway) and seeing my grandson's bright smiley face and him keeping me busy getting my daily chores done on time.

So What Shall I do tomorrow with my time??????

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