Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If I'm dreaming don't wake me up

I've heard many a times "Something worth while is worth waiting for" or "Something worth while is worth all the hard work". Well in both sayings, I think they have alot of meaning. I have been waiting for a long time for new kitchen cabinets, new flooring and new counter top. We decided a few weeks ago that it was time to tackle this project, we'll I can say is "One thing leads to another". It all started with an ad on KSL for wood flooring that someone had left over. All I wanted to do was replace the really old floor that was curling on the edges in the kitchen. There was enough to do that project, so off to Salt Lake me, my dad and Landon went to pick it up. It was some really good flooring, it was exactly what I have been wanting..how was that for luck!!. So to make a story short, we decided to floor over in the dining room area next to the kitchen also. So off to Lumber Liquidators I went to get more to complete the project. ....so......Scott asks "what are you going to do with the cabinets (they are 35 yr old walnut cabinets), since the floor is brown and with the brown cabinets?" I replied...I am going to paint them white. So the next thing I know where headed to Home Depot looking at wood to make new doors to make the cabinets look better. Ain't I got a sweet hubbie:)...we figured out what we needed and headed home to make a plan. After talking for a week or so, we decided to check in to just see what Kitchen cabinets would cost...I didn't want the real expensive ones...I'd be happy with just nice looking ones at this point. So to Lowe's I went and got a bid..., then went to Chris and Dicks...they were cheaper than Lowe's and better quality. So then I heard the sweet caroling from the heavens or maybe I was dreaming...Scott said..." Go get them and lets put them in." So for the last couple of weeks I have made several trips to SL trying to get things lined up and pick out what I wanted. It's good I'm not building a house, it would never get built...I am to undecive on what choices I want....laugh... so now we're just doing things around the kitchen to get things done that we want done to make it better while were waiting for the cabinets to be made (approximately 3 weeks)...I'll keep you up dated on the latest from the kitchen redo. I am sure there will be a few stories in the works along the way.

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  1. Glad to hear you are finally being able to complete your whole new re-modeling of the upstairs. You was able to do the carpet, painting, stair railing, interior doors, and your back porch. I know you've always wanted new cabinets. I remember you pulling down the cabinets over your counter top. You need to post pictures of the before, during, and after. We need to see this progress happen. Are you having Chris and Dicks put them in or is Scott and you going to brave through this. I remember the headaches of when John and Jeff did our kitchen. What a mess. Good Luck :-)