Saturday, April 10, 2010

Remodeling...Who's idea was this?

We'll I can truly say without a doubt....remodeling is one of the hardest things to do physically and mentally. We started earlier in the week remodeling our kitchen. We tore out one side of one wall that divides the kitchen and front room, to put up a new wall. There is a few reasons we done this to put an outlet behind the fridge (instead of the cord dangling across the wall to the other side where the outlet was located), to put a cable outlet to hook up the tv (instead of the cord running along the wall), to get rid of the paint job from years past. (I tried to paint it a texture of like sand, Ralph Lauren came out with it and to look and feel it ..felt like sand but it turned out horrible, it wouldn't blend with the next row that you would try to paint.) so I painted over it and it became this texture of a like a big nap roller would leave. I hated it and so did Scott, so he suggested taking out the one wall and putting up new sheetrock. So that was what we done last night.
So today was another day to begin to tackle the projects that we had lined out.
1.While he mudded the sheetrock, I packed up some stuff out of the cabinets into boxes.
2. Then we cut out the carpet and pad out of the dinning room.
3. Removed all baseboards and tack strips.
4. Unhook copper piping (trip to Home Depot for a valve to cap it off), to unhook the dishwasher.
5. Took out dishwasher
6. Took out 3 cabinets (leaving the others till Thurs so we can cook and wash dishes till we get the new cabinets)
7. Took out subfloor that was installed 15 yrs ago for the new vinyl floor.

It doesn't sound like to much but I am so tired I am crossed eye but to tired to sleep. It's like I'm having anxiety and restless leg sydrome at the same time. So here I am writing about our day. I can honestly say I haven't been this tired for a long time but I kept picturing a new kitchen with shining rays from the sun shining on it.

We'll so much for today's update, hope everyone is having as much fun as I am.........

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