Thursday, April 29, 2010

One step foward, two steps back.

I am going to tell you the latest of my trials and tribulations. I am sure your getting sick of hearing about THEE kitchen but it has been the center of my universe for awhile, I eat, sleep and work around the kitchen. So a few days ago I was painting the walls in the kitchen which was going well until I had to paint above the cabinets above the stove etc. I done good on one corner but the cabinet above the stove/hood and the right side where the sink is going to be (no countertop yet...tomorrow they say....YEAH!! back to the subject) was really hard to reach and get behind them. So I was on the corner of the stove top painting when I heard CRACK!!, so immediately I knew what had happened, my stepping on the edge bowed the smooth top and it bowed and cracked across the whole top. My heart immediately sank, knowing that I had to call my hubbie and tell him what I had done. (He was at work) Well the loving hubbie I am married to was a bit upset but said oh well I guess we'll figured it out. Well my mind started wondering if we could replace the top of the stove since the rest of it is in good shape. So I called a repair shop in Salt Lake and she said we could replace it but it is the mean time Scott was looking on the internet to see if we could replace it also. So when he called to tell me about it , I told him I just got off the phone with Maytag and found out also that we could replace it. I guess when you grow old great minds think alike. I was kinda dreading when he got home that he would be upset still but he was fine and acted like nothing was wrong. I love him so!!
So we ordered a new top and it will be here next week sometime.

Shauna watched Landon yesterday, so that gave me the day to really focus on the kitchen and get done as much as possible. I painted the baseboard trim on the new wall and pantry wall. Last night I painted inside and made it look all nice and pretty. It was pretty disgusting from the can goods, etc. I put liners on the shelves in one cabinet (by the new wall) and put the appliances in there all neat and orderly.
One thing about going through stuff, if you haven't used it ....get rid of it. It is my new motto, decluttering makes you feel so refreshed and light about the space you just cleaned.

So the countertop is coming tomorrow, what a joy. I can't imagine how nice it will be to have a sink, running water, dishwasher and countertop to work on. It makes you count your blessings of the simple things/blessings we have in life.

I'll be posting some more pictures soon, I just want to get it looking nice before I take some pictures to share with you.

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  1. I would be happy to watch Landon too anytime!!