Friday, April 23, 2010

The new kitchen is blooming like a spring flower

Little by little the kitchen is taking shape. Every time we finish a project, it just makes such a difference of what the kitchen will become. First we finished the wall (sheetrocked, mud, paint), installed the cabinets, painted the ceiling...(still deciding what color sample I want to paint the walls) and now we finished laying the flooring. We have so much still to go paint walls, baseboards, recessed lighting, crown molding on cabinets, countertop, sink/faucet, hook dishwasher up, shutters on window and drapes on the patio door. I am sure there will be more to add to the list but slowly but surely we'll keep plugging along.

It will seem so nice to have everything back in the cabinets, a sink/faucet to use and a dishwasher to wash dishes. It is so hard washing dishes out of a bathroom sink. I thought about using our trailer sink but to carry all the dishes out, wash them and then bring them back in just seemed to much effort. You don't know how much you use the water from the kitchen sink every day until you go to get some water and you stop yourself in your tracks and then feel stupid because you forgot again there is no water yet.. I use the fridge water alot but there are times you have to make the trip to the bathroom to dump water out or to fill a pan to cook with. It makes the little things big things when you don't have the everyday luxuries I would call them to use.

Well I am off to bed to catch some ZZZZ's and recouperate for tomorrow's projects.

Sleep tight don't let the bed bug's bite~~~~~~

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