Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ice Castles and Snowy Mountains

During this wintery holiday season, Scott had taken off
the week between Christmas and New Years. We had been
sticking around the house either digging out the snow that has been
falling this week or doing a few projects around the house (which
I will show you later on).
So today we decided to get away from the house and go on a
mini road trip, so we loaded a few essentials in along with Scott's
snow buddy....she hasn't been out of the house for awhile either.
So off we went .....heading north where we could find more snow.....
I know it should be somewhere warmer but if you know us,
we have always been snow bunnies (snow skiing, and snowmobiling).
First we went to Park City, we drove up main street looking at
the people enjoying brousing the small stores lining the street.
It was so pretty, with the snow lining the street and covering the
roof tops with snow hanging off the porches like they were icicles.
It brought back memories of us up at Park City enjoying the
2002 Winter Olympic's. I can truly say that we were in the
moment of true bliss with concerts going on, ski jumping in
the streets, fireworks and the firepits to keep warm.
Then we headed to Midway, where we came across
Midway Castles. It is where they take water and spray it out of
water spouts and make icicles....except these they make as tall as our
house. Then it makes like a village of different ice castles where you
can walk through amiring them while listening to music.
This year they weren't ready for the holiday season because December
was warmer than usual, so they are planning on opening January 15th instead.

If you look closely it looks like a man's head, with his
hair, nose and eyes. Then off the left it looks like Elvis with
a spikey haired guy also.

Then we went to Francis, where we use to go snowmobiling all winter long,
except during February when we use to go to West Yellowstone and spend
a week.
There wasn't as many snowmobilers as we thought, maybe because
it was only 18 degree's.

I did take this picture of a bridge that you can ride your snowmobiles over to a place
call Soapstone. It was a picture perfect moment to take a picture and put on my
computer desktop.

Scott's snowbuddy

The sun setting behind the mountains
I can honestly say this is one of the best days I have had
for a long time, enjoying our mountains blankleted with snow,
deer forging for feed, frozen water made into ice castles with
the sun shining through them to give them an illuminating colors
that can't be duplicated on canvas.


  1. Wow! These pictures are all incredible! Just gorgeous!

  2. Thanks, You should go and see the Midway Castles when they open, I looked them up today on the internet and he is opening them up Jan 5th, it costs 2.00 a person.