Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas clock for $5.99

Back in August Real Deals in Tooele was having a Parking lot sale, where some
of their items were marked down 60% off the lowest price marked.
So I found one of those decor clocks that sale for around $40.00 in the 60% area.
It was a only lonely clock that the glass had a crack in it.
It was marked $9.99 with 60% off made it $3.99. So I picked it up
and brought it home figuring it would be a project for Christmas.
It was the week before Christmas when I remembered I was going to give
the clock to Shauna for Christmas. I went downstairs in my junk room
unburied it and brought it upstairs and took it apart.
I bent the metal hooks straight, taking off the back of the clock to get to
the glass. I took the glass out and put both pieces into a book so I could
take it downtown to find a new piece of glass without breaking the glass
more and also so I wouldn't cut myself
I originally was going to take it to our local glass company .....figuring
it would be more expensive ....I decided that
I would check our local DI first and if they didn't have anything go to Walmart
and see if they had a clock with a piece of glass the same size as the broken piece.
I went to the electronic area in our DI
and there were 3 clocks to choose from,
the first one was to big, the second one I thought would fit and the third was way to small....laugh....
pulling out the glass out of the book I tried fitting it on top of the 2nd clock
I smiled and picked up
my new find and headed to the register to pay for it.

The clock that was just right
(and only $2.00)

Broken piece out of the original clock

I cleaned up the glass and put it in the new clock,
put some batteries in it and set the time and
she looked good as NEW:)

By the way Shauna just loved her clock
I got "No way this is one of those cool clocks" as she was unwrapping it.

$3.99 original cost, $2.00 for old clock/glass = $5.99 total cost.

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