Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Landon and Mickey Mouse

So Landon has begun to watch alittle Sesame Street but his favorite is Mickey Mouse in the morning. At the end of the show they sing and dance what I call the "hot dog diggity dog" dance. He starts dancing and it is hilarious to watch him get into it. I never can catch him dancing because the camera is always downstairs on the dock and the time I go downstairs and get the camera and get back up he is usually done dancing. So the other morning I went and got the camera when the show started to I would be prepared to catch him when he started dancing at the end of the show.

So this is him dancing the "hot dog diggity dog"

This is one of those times grandma loves to babysit......

Just ignore my voice I didn't know I had said anything till I was reviewing it....

sorry for the interruption.

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