Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kitchen before and after

So this last week while Scott was off we decided to do alittle more
to the kitchen, it is work in progress even if its almost a year later.
I realized I never posted my before and after pictures of the kitchen,
so I figured better late than never.

Dark cabinets
The island

The demolition part ....YEAH!!!

The finished kitchen

Can I say I just love the white cabinets it seems so bright in the kitchen, after
the dark cabinets and countertop.
No more vinyl flooring, I now have nice laminated wood flooring to give it alittle
The backsplash....what can I say I love it also!!!!... even if it took me several trips to
Home Depot, several trips to Salt Lake to check out other tile stores.
I just love my new plantation shutters, they keep the cold out so much, when you open them in the morning the cold air rushes out like the window is open (the window is a good new one), so we're planning on installing more of them when we can.
I love the openness of the whole kitchen, it seems so
much bigger.

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You can read all the posts I posted during the remodel if you go to 2010 posts,
then click on May and that should bring all of them up for you.

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  1. WOW!!! it looks great...I am afraid we won't be doing as much work...working on getting new counters and appliances (at a later date)..I love how you took down the island makes for so much more room...thanks for sharing