Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daily Visits

Well I tried posting our trip to Las Vegas but the blogger site just keeps
shutting down so I will later be trying to update my blog.

I make my daily visits to my favorite blogging sites.

Some are family or friends that have unique or funny stories that
have been going on in their lives.

Some are my thrifty blogs (grocery or free deals), some are my
crafty bloggers (that make crafts or make over furniture or other items),
and some are my home improvement bloggers (who are constantly updating
their homes with improvements or decor).

I can't imagine my daily life not being connected to the outside world. I
know it keeps me more positive about doing things in my daily life. I hardly
talk to many people during the day, they are usually at work or doing their
errands that they need to get done for the day.
So visiting my blogs is alot of mental therapy and making me feel connected
to the outside world.

Facebook is another media outlet for me. There it is enjoyable to just see
what several family/friends are doing for the day and to just add a comment
and talk to them for a moment is truly a blessing.

Now on the other hand some days I don't get as productive as I should be ....I
guess I could look at it as therapy because I'm not in the louney bin yet ...laugh....

So to all the bloggers out there ....THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU SHARE WITH ME AND

for me.

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