Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Start Couponing

I've had a few friends this week ask how to start

couponing and how I find the bargains. So I thought

I would post how I do it, so bare with me as I explain it

hopefully it will come out so you can understand how I do it.

I will post each process in parts. This way I can try to keep it

in an orderly fashion to help you out.

First and foremost you have to get organized when doing this.

You will need to have them filed away correctly so when you find an

item in the weekly grocery ad you can go right to it, instead of wasting an

hour looking for it in piles of coupons in corners of your house.

There are 4 ad's that I look through weekly:





(and Target for movies that are going to be released that week)

then there are weeks that Smith's and Albertson's

will have what I call special ad's

(when they have items marked for good deals) which they had for the last 2 weeks.

Like Smith's had healthy Rozononi pasta for .49 cents

which I had coupon's from Smart Souce 2/$1.00

which made them free

There are 4 circular's that I collect:

Poctor and Gamble

General Mills

Smart Source

Red Plum

You can get them from the Sunday paper, our local paper Tooele Transcript and they come in my mail usually Tuesday's or Wednesday's. I take the Fri, Sat and Sun paper which was $26.00 for 52 weeks which pays for itself with all my savings from the coupons. Also my father and neighbors gives me theirs, so recruit family and friends that throw theirs away. On the circulars they have a date that I file by. Smart source is located on the left side edge of the circular in the middle Red Plum is on the left side at the top Poctor and Gamble put one circular out each month and put it on the top of the front page like : MARCH 2011 General Mills puts theirs in the left side in the middle of the circular Next I make folders with temporary labels (post its are great) with the circular and date written on it Then on the blogs I follow (Coupons 4 Utah) they will post the circular coming out with the products listed. Which I then copy, paste it on my word perfect page and then print them out. I then cut out each of them and tape it to the front of the folder it belongs to. (This will help in the process when your looking for that item that is on sale but you don't know which circular it was in.) I will post the next section in the next few days. Hopefully you'll understand it, if not write a comment and let me know what your questions are and then I can address them.

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