Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deals of the week

This are the free deals for a few weeks that I finally gathered
up an posted. Everyday I am going to do it but never
get around to it.

Sun Drop free coupon in Sunday's paper
2 Challenge butter from 2.00 (1.97 walmart)
Free sample of ONE cat food - free offer
Free sample of One dog food - free offer
Fiber one cereal and fiber bar - Included in Sunday's paper
MegaRed - free offer
Vaseline lotion - free offer
Muscle Milk - free offer
3 Tide - 1.00 coupons from Proctor & Gamble (.97 trial size walmart)
3 Secret deordants - 1.00 coupons from P & G (.97 trial size walmart)
3 Gain dishwashing soaps - 1.00 coupons from P & G (.97 walmart)
Whiskas cat treats - on sale for .50 cents at Smith (walmart match)
2/1.00 coupon, sorry I opened 1 already
Free egg beaters - free coupon
Alpo Buy one get one free
EAS free offer (free up to 3.98, and a 4 pk was 4.38)
Alot of people don't cash in their Buy One Get One (BOGO) free offers or coupons
you are getting both items 1/2 off. I take advantage of all my BOGO coupons I can,
items that I use everyday. It is not thrifty if your not going to be using the item or
never do.

1 comment:

  1. That's awesome!
    I didn't really shop the ads this much, but did stop in real quick at Walgreens where they had $5 off their Pediasure Infant Fever Reducer medicine, and I had a $3 off coupon I'd printed them offline, and therefore actually made $0.50. Which I used to buy a Snickers :-)