Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where's Landon ?

So a few weeks ago our family went down to Las Vegas

for our annual Nascar Race. We take our fifth-wheel trailer

and stay in it for the week. It's right across the race track which is

very exciting. We get to see the race team's come into the track at night

which they call it the hauler parade which is beautiful and exciting to see your team

and others honking their horns and people hooting and haulering as the trucks go by.

So one day I was cleaning and turned around and Landon was gone and out of my

eye I seen the door move and I just starting laughing so hard. He had crawled into

the cabinet that Scott had built in the fall which use to be an empty space below the

entertainment center. So I hurried and got my camera and starting video taping him

playing in the cabinet. He was getting frustrated because he couldn't close the door

from the inside.

Grandma and Grandpa loves taking our little buddy camping.

I just can't wait till this summer when we take him up to our place in Idaho.

What moments of joy will be awaiting us :)

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