Sunday, August 28, 2011

Island Park

So most of my posts lately are about Island Park.

It's where we love to spend our summers.

So much

of our family memories are from our summers and

winters spent in Island Park.

It is a place that gives you serinity and refreshes

your soul, at least for us it does.

So here are a few more pictures from the picture

album "Summer 2011"

Landon playing in the creek

"Breakfast under the Pines"

Landon and Shauna having breakfast on
his new picnic table that grandpa made for him.
Grandma and mom at the big picnic table.
Grandpa and Jon was working on the
"mancave"/ garage and joined us a few
minutes later.

Landon playing with his toys in the pine tree's

"The old shed"

Soon to be called the Grizzly Lodge

Already planning on extending it out to make

room for a bedroom. That seems to be our

story....we finish one project and think up a new one.

We took out the big garage door and put it in

the new garage.

"The New Garage"

Also known as Scott's mancave

They look alot alike but the new one is alot bigger.

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