Saturday, August 27, 2011

The New Mancave Garage

So this summer we have almost spend every weekend at our place

in Island Park. We decided that our 2 yr old shed wasn't big

enough to store our atv's including our newest addition ...our Razor.

So we planned to build a bigger shed/garage or what I call Scott's

Last fall Scott started getting a head start digging holes

for the foundation (the foundation is on cement filled sonatubes, because

it is going to be a wood floor, it would cost as much as the whole building to

truck in cement for a cement floor so we opt for a wood floor).

We also bought all the OSB

(plywood) and took them up and stored them in the shed up there over the

winter to lightened the load with all the materials to go up in the spring

or we'd have to make a couple of trips to get it all up there.

Then he also built the trusseswith the help from Jon (our son-in-law)

early in the spring and stored them in our garage here at home along

with the mandoor, felt paper, nails, metal roofing, 28 bags of cement, sonatubes

52-2x6's (can't use 2x4's because of all the weight of the snow during the winter).

You get the picture....our garage filled up with materials that our truck

sat outside until the BIG day when him and Jon hauled the load up to


Throughout the summer which has included 3 weeks of vacation

and many weekend trips up in Island Park, which I won't complain at all because we

have had fun riding our new razor, trips to West Yellowstone,

building flower beds and just enjoying the outdoors.....

We finally finshed it last week.

Putting felt paper on before putting on the siding

for extra protection from the winter snow.

Almost finished putting the siding on.

The finished project.

A better picture of our pride and joy,


Scott's new

We still have a few minor things to do to it but

it seems so nice to see it done and looking so good.

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