Sunday, August 28, 2011

Landon's new water table

So for Landon's 2nd birthday, Aunt Shauna

bought him this water table. We haven't put

it together until about a month ago when mommy

went out of town to enjoy the play "Grease" that

was playing down in southern Utah with some friends.

Jon was working nights

so Aunt Shauna came out for the weekend to help babysit

her special "man". Grandma and Grandpa also help babysit,

which is always a special pleasure.

So Aunt Shauna put it together and when he woke up from his

nap, his special surprise was waiting for him in the backyard.

So Landon is a fish inside and out, he LOVES bath time, playing

in the creek in Island Park for a few examples. So when presenting

this surprise we knew it was going to be the best babysitter we could

have. After 2 hours he was still playing, coming up with new games

and refilling the table with the hose when it got low.

So when it came time for dinner.....we'll lets just say......It wasn't

a happy experience pulling him away from it to go and eat dinner.

After dinner we let him play for a bit longer but then had to pull

him away again for of all things a "bath"

Landon playing with his new water table

Kylie, Aunt Shauna and Landon

So the next morning, bright and early he was all intent

to go and play in the water. We finally talked him into

eating some breakfast but that was the fastest breakfast

he'd ever eaten.

He played for a few more hours content as a fish could be.

When mommy showed up later, the first thing he done

was to show her his new toy, he wasn't interested in giving

her hugs or kisses...he was all into playing with her in

the water.

So Monday morning came when she dropped him off at 8:00 am,

he was already focused on going outside that morning and playing

with his water table. I done what I could to entertain him to keep

his mind off of going outside and getting wet so early in the morning.

That lasted till about 9:30 am when I finally gave in and let him

play while I watered the plants in the yard and done a few other

things. He played for about an hour when I got him to come in and

lay on the couch and watch Mickey Mouse.

He is growing up so fast and watching him experiencing childhood

moments is the best and being a grandparents is the ultimate experience.

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