Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Cleaning

Most people get the urge to do some spring cleaning

around the house in the spring.

For some reason I always have

the urge to clean in the fall.

So last week I started gathering stuff up to have a

garage sale since I've put it off all summer long.

The weather has been so nice and warm even the

last week of September.

I must not have been the only one in the mood

to clean because the last 2 weeks in our local newspaper

there was 2 columns of people having yard sales.

As I gathered stuff up, going through stuff and carrying

it out to the garage, I came to the conclusion I didn't even

want to deal with it anymore sweat was dripping off my

forehead and my hair soppin wet!!

So I just loaded it all up in the back of the truck and the back

seat of the truck. We took it down to our local Deseret Industries.

I have a few boxes to take to the nursing home. They take little

knick knacks and items to give away when they play bingo.

I still have more to go through but its a start.

I need to sign up for hoarders anomyous!

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