Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Fetish

So I have a fetish...yes I do.

Some women have a fetish with shoes,

some people have a fetish for books,

I have a fetish for plates for our dining room

table. I probably have 7 different sets I decorate

with. I have a lighthouse set, light blue set,

blue/white set, white with a touch of brown in

them (fall), white with rings around the outer

edge, black set (halloween), and a red snowflake set


I store them in clear bins under my bed, along with the

placemats and napkins/rings.

I don't have them set on a formal table on display. I place

them on our everyday table....and yes if your wondering if

we eat at our table...


I move them everytime we eat dinner and on the weekends

for breakfast/lunch and then for dinner.

Scott use to complain about moving them everynight but I must

be stubborn because he just moves them now without a word.

I am sometimes hard to get along with.

Christmas display I have on the kitchen counter

in the corner. The Merry Christmas sign was from

Walmart for $2.97, the glass vase was from Ross for

$5.97 I think. The candle from Walmart in their christmas

items for $2.50. I took garland cut it and made a circle,

gathered pinecones from the pine tree's in the park and

hot glued them to the garland. The white baby breath came

from the dollar store. The candy was sprinkled around the

candle with smaller pine cones.

The pumpkin was purchased from Walmart,

along with the smaller pumkins. The flowers

were from the dollar tree store and the Welcome

sign was bought from the Family Dollar store.

Everything you see here I got from the Dollar

Tree store. Each setting was $6.00 x 4 =

$24.00 Total.

Christmas setting.

Have things ever come in phases for you. This

spring it happened for me.

I went to our local

Real Deals store and seen a yellow watering can

with a bird on it that I just fell in love with. Also

was a couple of yellow birds right beside it... so of course

they all had to come home with me also.

I figured I'd put them in the kitchen for a touch of spring.

Then a month or so later I was in Salt Lake at the Tai

Pan store and came across this ceramic bird house

with a bird on it that matched the watering can.

Then they had a plack and planters that matched

the watering can exactly. Same decor on all of them.

(don't have a picture of the planters or plack)

The flower and candle/candlestick I already had.

Table set with the watering can. The flowers,
plates and bowls came from the dollar store.
The napkins I came across at Target. I later
went back to Tai Pan and bought the birds nests
with the eggs to spruce up the setting. I did spurge
on them but I really liked them. I was worried
that it would make the table look like Easter but
I didn't think it did.
Of course I put some different sea shells to add
alittle beachy feel.

Have you noticed the theme along these pictures...
seashells and pinecones.
I just love them!!!

A closer look at the watering can which started the

whole theme for this summer.

I loved this setting so much I had it out all summer

long. Usually every month I change the setting to

something different.

A closer look at the table setting. I liked the

napkin flat so you could see the design. When

I folded it, the design got lost.

I am working on table setting for Halloween,

when I get it finished I'll post a picture of my

new creation.


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