Friday, April 8, 2011

The unexpected

So I haven't posted anything lately because I have been

painting the living room which has been half done since last May.

The ceiling was half painted since last year when we remodeled the

kitchen, which I painted the ceiling that extends into the living room enough

so I could paint the kitchen wall that extends into the living room.


I'm painting the living room wall when Scott comes up from the basement

and asks if I've been on the computer. I said "No" I've been taping and painting

so I haven't had a chance to get on the computer today.

He said " The computer screen is all black"

To make a long story short, at 9:00 pm we were at Walmart looking

at computer monitors. We were going to purchase an Accer (which

was the brand we previously owned) for $139.99 but they were all gone

due to the fact that they weren't going to carry Accer anymore.

So we ended up getting an LG 22" LED monitor for $159.99,

which I think is a pretty good price.

It seems bigger and brighter. I think we're going to enjoy it alot.

Our new LG computer monitor You never know when reality in life will hit you unexpectedly. All you can do is look at all the blessings you have that hit you unexpectedly also, then make lemonaide out of lemons.

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