Saturday, June 18, 2011

It figures.....

So this last week has been one of those weeks that you're glad it will be over not to soon. The weather has been great here, warm and sunny. I've been waiting all to long to welcome this warm weather and plant some flowers in my flower gardens. I had half of a big flower garden weeded out (the weeds took it over last year) but still working on the rest here and there when I can. I got the flower garden by my deck almost done (needs a couple more plants that I usually plant but no one in town carries them this year) and one tree circle pretty finished (needs some bark). I am making progress but its been hard because........

the DRUM ROLL PLEASE~~~~ I've caught a cold and feel like crap. It all started with allergies but I think my precious loving grandson gave me what he's been fighting for a month
now also.

I was fine all day Tuesday and around 10:00 pm I started getting a sore throat, then started getting all stuffy. You know how stuffy it gets when you can't breath through your nose so you start breathing through your mouth....which makes the sore throat hurt worse. So eventually I feel asleep...TILL 1:30 I woke up with the most painful sore throat I have ever had. It hurt to swallow so bad that tears came out of my eyes. I even thought about taking a pain pill to make it feel less painful. I eventually got out the ice cream out of the freezer and slowly ate a spoonful bite after bite, which helped temporarily. I found some cough drops in the medicine cabinet and that helped a bit also.

Since then I have gotten the croup cough which means your head is full as well as your chest with that green stuff we hate. Of course your tired but you keep going because you always have stuff that needs to be taken care of.

So I my kitchen counter looks like a cold section out of a pharmacy. Cough drops, cough medicine with chest congestion reliever, sore throat spray, kleenex's, vick's vapor rub, NyQuil (I don't know what I would do without you), and vitamin C. The fridge is stocked with orange juice and the freezer with ice cream.

My homemade remedy that I still use to help sooth my sore throat come from my childhood. My grandmother would always make it for me when I was sick and it always seemed to help.
You heat up a glass of pure orange juice (no Sunny D) and add 2 tablespoons of honey. It soothes your throat but also opens your nasal passages so you can breath for awhile anyway.

I even went Wednesday to the Dr. The strep throat culture came back negative and apparently I hadn't been sick long enough to get treated with antibotic's yet. It's a cold and just needs to run its course....give me a break....I already had a mild fever and green stuff meaning I have infection. My daughter and grandson was put on antibotic's but I guess you have to be on your death bed or close to it to get antibotic's.
I know the Dr.'s don't want to over prescribe antibotic's but when you open your eyes in the morning to see and their glued shut from the green stuff oozing out I think its time to give them some antibotics so I don't get phenomia.

It seems ironic, I went to the dr. to get some medicine to get a hold of it before it gets to bad but the Dr.'s want you to wait it out till your really bad and then they'll treat you...

So it is beautiful and sunny outside and I am inside with my box of kleenex's and cough drops to keep my company.........IT FIGURES!!

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