Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spring and The Baby Birds

So I love Spring.

Flowers are blooming, the grass is getting green,

the leaves on the tree's are coming out of their buds,

birds making nests for their baby chickadee's.

So a month ago I seen a bird fly out of the tongue of

our fifthwheel trailer. Then a few days later I started noticing

that she would fly away when going to the mailbox or

getting into the car in the driveway.

I looked inside the tongue but couldn't find any nest so I just

thought she was using it to perch onto. Well this scernio continued

all week. One night at dinner I told Scott about what I had seen

all week long. So later on he got a flashlight and went out to investigate

to see if their was indeed a nest in the tongue. He came back with the

news I wasn't prepared for.........

"She has a nest built up inside the shell of the trailer"

So I went out to check it out for myself. There it was....... a big nest inside

the undercarriage of the trailer.....with baby birdies chirping away.

Noting that this could become a problem if we decided to

take our trailer out camping,

what would happen if we took off with the nest inside with the babies

and the mother bird wasn't inside, so we decided that we wouldn't take the trailer out until they were gone and to leave her and the baby

birds alone so they wouldn't go further into the trailer.

So tonight after Scott got home from work, he walked out to the tongue of

the trailer and couldn't hear any birds chirping, so he looked inside and

couldn't see any birds either. So after dinner we went out to check again

and still no birds, so we decided while we had the chance we pulled down the skin of

the trailer and he pulled out the nest with a metal rod.

This is what we ended up with.

4 individual nests and more

The hole into the trailer (the size of my thumb)

We determined that they have been making

nests in our trailer for a few years (our trailer is 5 yrs old).

There was lots of pine needles to lead us to believe that

a few nests were built in Idaho at our place where we leave

our trailer throughout the summer.

Scott took some caulking and went all around the hole and

the seams to make sure that there won't be any more

birds trying to make the trailer their home.

To discover that we had a nest of baby birds inside our trailer

was such a surprise but to discover how many nests were inside and what

we pulled out was even more of a surprise.

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