Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Three weeks of freebies

So I thought I would post my freebies and deals

I have gotten the last couple of weeks. I kept piling

them up till I could take a picture and post them.

The Neli Pot I got as a freebie on facebook last week.

I couldn't believe I got it so fast. I signed up for it on a

Wednesday and the following Tuesday I got it in the mail,

I call that Fast!

I had coupons for Dove & Degree deordant for $1.00 they were .97 at Walmart.

I got the Oral B toothbrush free $1.50 out of the Proctor & Gamble and it was

a $1.50 at Walmart.

$1.00 coupon out of a circular and it was .97 at Walmart.

The gloves came from Harbor Freight ( I'll have to post about them later)

with any purchase.

These were 2 weeks of freebies also.

Zyrtec: Free, ($5.97 at Walmart) from a freebie signup

Gold Bond: Free body wash mail sample

Zantac: Free mail sample

Ostex Flex : Free 7 day mail sample
Fekkai: Free shampoo & conditioner samples, Cosco giveaway

Cottonelle: Free box of wipes ($2.74 at Walmart) from a freebie signup

Pert: coupons $1.00 out of circular, .97 at Walmart
Nexcare bandaids: Free $1.00 coupons, $1.00 at Walmart

Carefree: Coupons for free pack of 20 ct out of circular

Oral B toothbrush: $1.50 P&G, $1.50 at Walmart

Degree deordant: $1.00 RP circular, .97 at Walmart

Franks Sweet Chili sauce: samples at Albertsons

John Frieda shampoo & conditioner: Free mail sample

Alpo: BOGO coupon

Speed Stick: .75 coupon SS 5-22-11, .98 at Walmart = .23 cents

Whiskas cat food: BOGO coupon

Propel: .50 at Walmart, 2/$1.00 coupon = free

Poligrip: Free coupon in RP circular

Glade candle: Free coupon($2.97 at Walmart) freebie signup

Zyrtec 5 count: $4.00 coupon, $5.97 at Walmart = $1.97

Suave hairspray: Free coupon($2.97 at Walmart) freebie signup

Target Ibprophen: $1.99, Target $1.00 coupon = .99

Freebie from 3 weeks ago

Pyrex hot pad: Free sample

Purex detergent: Free sample

Shout color catcher: Free sample

Car & Drive magazine: Free signup

Country Life: Free signup

Clinque mascara: Free sample

Goodnite samples: Free samples

Friskies cat food: Free cans from Recycle bank

Uncle Bens rice: Free coupon ($1.88 at Walmart) freebie signup

Dove shampoo & conditioner: Free sample

KLM luggage tags: Free signup with my own pic on them

Orville Redenbacher popcorn: Free sample

Carefree: Free sample

I look forward going out to my mailbox and see what freebie I got that day.

It takes time and patience to signup for these products. Just make sure to

have a junk email acccount set up and even set up a junk facebook account so

you don't have all these junking up your good facebook account.

I even have a file for the products with the user name and passwords on it to

keep them straight, in case I have to get back on that site and can't remember

the user name or password. Sometimes when I have signed up it wouldn't take

my regular junk name and password so I have to set up a alternate name or


+++++++++++++(sorry my cat decided to help out)

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