Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oakdell eggs

My trip to Cosco is alway a game of:

Try to get out of the store without spending $100.00 or more.

As much as I try....I try to not spend very much but

I find a few bargains that I can't resist. It's a double

sided sword about Cosco, I'd love one in town it would

help to buy a few things here and there

but then I would probably spend more than I already do.

So a find was Oakdell Large Eggs $4.99 for 5 dozen, that is

.99 cents a dozen. Usually the local grocery stores haven't

had eggs on sell much so I snatched these up. They also

had 2 gallons of white Vinegar for $3.35. I use it mostly in

my dishwasher since they eliminated the phosphate in the

dishwashing detergent. Since I started adding it my dishes

have come out clean as before. So its a cheap remedy for dirty

dishes that were suppose to be clean.

They also started selling wheat tortillas that actually

are soft and tasty.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the sun shine

while it lasted.

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